10 Things To Love About Bali

This post was last updated on August 26th, 2014

Anything that has to do with poop is automatically deemed either childishly humorous or just super gross. Even saying the word out loud might bring a chuckle along, especially if you’re of the same maturity level Dan is. Of course, there is always an exception. In this case, it’s Bali’s luwak coffee. I was lucky enough to get a sip of this extra smooth, velvety cup of Joe, freshly roasted via coffee beans a civet pooped out. And yes, that’s correct—I actually thought it tasted phenomenal. Especially once I got the fact out of my head that it had already passed through the digestive track of a luwak—which are SO cute, btw. Unfortunately, Dan detests everything about coffee, so while he can’t quite be included in the sentiment, I did get him to admit that extra-sugary-vanilla-milk-with-a-hint-of-coffee is okay. After six years of trying, I’ll take it.

While we might be in discrepancy about the coffee, we are certainly in agreement about the rest of Bali. There will be lots of photos and descriptions in the near future, but until then, here’s a bit of an appetizer: just a few of the things we love about Bali. Hopefully it will entice you to come back for seconds. And thirds. And maybe even fourths.


10 Things We Love About Bali


1. The View From Our Room at Suara Ombak

That’s Dan. He’s in our room. And that’s the panoramic view of the Bukit Penninsula, including major surf spots like Bingin Beach and Dreamland. I guess you could say we’re comfortable.

Suara Ombak, Bali A Cruising Couple

2. The Photogenic Monkeys

Sorry, I just had to pick two pictures for this one. I mean, let’s be honest, they are just too adorable to turn one away. Although, I guess if I have to choose, the one that’s falling asleep might win by just a tad. We also have one where its eyes are half closed— again, SO cute.

monkey, Bali

sleeping monkey, Bali

3. The Sunsets

We already posted a picture of a sunset here, but we just had to include this in our list of favorites. While this is also a picture taken at Jimbaran Bay, the sunsets are amazing every night from almost any location.

Jimbaran Bay, Bali

4. The Pool at Puri Bambu

The Puri Bambu is a great hotel for an exceptional value. We were especially in love with the pool, and its swim-up bar. Although the prices wouldn’t really convey it, you can expect resort quality service here.

Puri Bambu, Bali

5. Ubud

If the monkeys are photogenic, we don’t even know how to describe Ubud. It’s a sort of photographer’s paradise, with picture taking opportunities around every corner. This is especially an issue for me as I am obsessed with cute alleyways, decorative doorways, and vibrant gardens. I’m pretty sure Dan is getting sick of hearing, “Take a picture of that! No wait, take a picture of that!” Which I say, oh, probably about 30 times a day.

Ubud, Bali

6. Surfing the East Coast

I really don’t surf at all. Which is unfortunate, because I think surfing is pretty rad. But even I couldn’t resist renting a board and having a go in the perfectly turquoise water at Padang Padang. While I might have epically failed, Dan has been doing a great job catching waves, even if it’s currently Bali’s off season.

Unknown surfer, Bingin Beach, Bali

Unknown surfer

7. Yoga Yoga Yoga

If Dan has surfing, I have yoga. I have been so excited to finally have a vacation where I can really let go and spend more time on my practice, and luckily there are lots of hippies in Bali to help me.

yoga, Bali

8. Legong, Ramanyana, and Barong Dancing

There’s lots of traditional Balinese dancing to be seen, and we have really been enjoying some of the shows available. Ubud has been a great place to take advantage of the live shows offered every night of the week. One of our favorites was the Legong dance (pictured here), seen outside the Ubud Palace.

Legong, Ubud, Bali

9. The Bukit Peninsula

This is the paradise I imagined Bali to be. Stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, and lots of opportunities for those photos of me contemplating life. This is one of the few shots where I actually had no idea Dan was quietly stalking from behind.

Uluwatu, Bali A Cruising Couple

10. The Balinese People

people bali

Maybe this one sounds a bit cliché, but it is most certainly true. Balinese people are warm and inviting, and we feel very lucky to have met so many incredible hosts in such a short time. This beautiful and regal woman below had one of the most serene smiles and genuine handshakes we’ve encountered so far.


It was really hard to narrow down all the things we love about Bali to only 10. So don’t be shy–tell us, what do you love about Bali? 

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  1. Hi There,
    I know that you posted this great article and pictures a while back, but I just happened to see it and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed scrolling through the colorful pictures and reading the short descriptions. I’m glad that you did not add Kuta to your list….;-), there are so many beautiful things in Bali and it would have been a shame if you added that to it. You definitely listed nice spots such as the beaches in the Bukit, those are stunning and of course Ubud. Despite the increase of visitors to this tiny village it still remains a special place. O.k I’m going to check out your other articles! Did you manage to go to Sidemen or Munduk, I bet you would have loved that too! Happy travels!

    • Thank you so much, we really appreciate your comment and we’re glad you liked the post–we most certainty loved Bali! We actually did make it Sidemen but we never put the pictures up on our blog. Thanks for reminding us :-) We felt the same way about Ubud for sure. We didn’t go to Munduk though-we’ll add it to the list for next time!

    • Glad to hear you loved Bali! I really did think the Kopi Luwak was pretty great, though it might have just been a mental thing since I knew it was supposed to be so delicious haha!



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