Digital Trends For Student Travel

Student touring has a different dynamic compared to the overall travel sector. Students find excitement at the opportunity to sightseeing during their spring break or any other period they might get time off college or university. That is why today there is an...

The Best US States to Visit this Winter

While every state that forms America is both beautiful and unique in its own right, there are some that just need to be experienced at least once during the colder months, as each will offer breathtaking landscapes, seasonal inspired activities, and superb active...

An Epic New Zealand Road Trip

New Zealand is one of those places I’ve always wanted to go back to. During my semester abroad, some university friends and I decided to use our spring break to road trip around New Zealand’s South Island. However, this happened to coincide with Casey studying abroad...

Use Movavi to Watch Your Movies On Mobile

Over the past 10 years, we’ve flown on dozens of international flights and there is a trend we are noticing. On more and more long-haul flights, airlines are doing away with in-flight entertainment. If it does happen to be available, like on our recent trip back from...

How to Choose the Right Hostel

There’s been a positive shift with hostels all over the world in recent times, mainly due to competition and the high influx of travellers looking for somewhere to stay that is quality and at an affordable price. Most hostel owners know that if backpackers have bad...

5 Amazing Destinations for a Spiritual Retreat

Meditation brings out the eternal fragrance of the human soul. So why not practice this wonderfully enriching mental exercise in some of the most beautiful locations around the world that would truly inspire an individual to relax and get in touch with one’s inner...

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