Photos of Brazil During the FIFA World Cup 2014 – Part 1

This post was last updated on July 16th, 2014

Four years ago we joked about going to Brazil during the World Cup. Now we’re actually here! Though we did secure random tickets to one of the games during the first raffle, one of the main reasons we wanted to come to Brazil was to experience the excitement surrounding the games – in the streets and local bars, and with fans from around the world.

We all know that leading up to the games there were plenty of protests and controversy. But now that the World Cup has begun, the general attitude from Brazilians we’ve met has been to enjoy the games while they’re here, and cheer on Brazil!

And cheer they have. The streets have been a sea of yellow and green jerseys. Belo Horizonte seemingly shut down in its entirety (save for the bars) so people could leave work in time to see Brazil play. And this is just the group stage! But I’ll save the descriptions for now and just let you have a look for yourself:

FIFA Fan Fest Brazil World Cup

FIFA Fan Fest Brazil World Cup

FIFA Fan Fest Concert Brazil World Cup 2014

Central Market Watching World Cup in Brazil

Brazil World Cup 2014 Central Market

Central Market Brazil World Cup

A Cruising Couple World Cup Brazil 2014

Dressed Up for Brazil World Cup 2014

Face Paint Brazil World Cup 2014

Costumes at Brazil World Cup 2014

Brazil Flag Cape World Cup 2014

World Cup Brazil Fans Jerseys 2014

Brazil National Song World Cup 2014

Cheering for Brazil World Cup 2014

Fans at World Cup 2014

Fans Cheer for Goal at World Cup 2014

Fans at Brazil World Cup 2014

Fans Cheer for Brazil at World Cup 2014

Brazilian Fans Watching the Game in the Streets World Cup 2014

Brazil World Cup 2014 Fans

Brazilians in the Street Watching World Cup 2014

Brazilians in Costume for World Cup 2014

Fans at the Brazil World Cup 2014

Fans Cheer for Brazil Goal at World Cup 2014

Brazil Goal Fans Cheering World Cup 2014

Excited Fans at Brazil World Cup 2014

Fans Cheer for Goal at Brazil World Cup 2014

Brazil Celebrates Goal at World Cup 2014

Brazilians Wave Flag at World Cup 2014

Fans Cheering at Brazil World Cup 2014

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  1. Awesome! What a great experience. Our first world event was the 2010 Winter Olympics and its was an amazing experience. The atmostphere at a world event is hard to beat. We’re doing the Rugby World Cup in England next year to catch the vibe again. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Go Deustchland!
    Cam recently posted…Photo of the Week: On a boat… in VeniceMy Profile

    • This is our first world event but I can’t imagine a more passionate place to see it! I bet the Rugby World Cup will be a lot of fun as well!! :-)

  2. Fabulous photography!! Really capturing the essence of the vibe I imagine! I went to Rio 2 months ago and loved it and had a thrilling night watching football at Maracana but it must have been totally electric being there during World Cup! So great that you got to experience that:)
    Shikha (whywasteannualleave) recently posted…The Ljubljananjam Food Tour, SloveniaMy Profile

    • Thanks Shikha! We have made it a point to go out to watch all of the Brazil matches. Very electric atmosphere and the excitement is very contagious! :-)

    • Ahh that sounds like such a fun experience!! How lucky were you guys! We tried to snag some tickets to see Brazil play live, but unfortunately that was impossible. Luckily there are plenty of people to enjoy watching the games with on the street :)

    • Thank you! We were hoping that the entire country would rally behind watching the games as they have been, so it has been so worth it to come (even if the prices are a bit outrageous haha!)

  3. Nice pictures. We have just returned from Brazil. We went to Sao Paulo and Rio and I loved going to the Fan Fests. All nationalities were there and they were all friendly with each other. It was such a nice atmosphere.
    tammyonthemove recently posted…Uyuni Salt Flats Tour Part 2: Surrealistic desertsMy Profile

    • I agree- one of the best parts has to be meeting awesome people from around the world! We won’t be in Sao Paulo until after the games, and we’ll only make it to Rio for the final, but they must have been absolutely amazing places to watch the games from!

    • Ah thanks for letting us know! We need to try to network with them!

  4. I’ve just come back from Rio myself and the atmosphere was fantastic. Brilliant shots!

    • So glad you got to experience it! We won’t be in Rio until the finals, but we’re excited to go there, too!

    • Thank you!! The energy is just fantastic. We might not be Brazilian, but it’s just as fun rooting for the home team with all the locals :)

    • Brazilians are very passionate about their football! It’s been loads of fun being here during the games :-)

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  5. My Brazil is really incredible! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and liked here. Congratulations your photos really show that it was all very cheerful.
    Leandro Lima recently posted…As 27 Melhores Frases de FotografiaMy Profile



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