Hi! We’re Dan and Casey—lovebirds, world travelers, and adventurers extraordinaire. And this is our travel blog, A Cruising Couple. We believe adventure travel is for everyone – it’s all in how you look at life. We also believe you can live life to the fullest without having to sacrifice a bit of style and comfort in the process. That’s why we are bringing you the best of both worlds with our travel blog:

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Whether you’re planning a two-week vacation or you’re on a permanent journey around the world, here at A Cruising Couple you’ll find the inspiration for your adventures and the resources you need to make them happen. To learn the whole story behind us lovebirds and our blog, be sure to read our full About Us page. We hope to have you along on our journey!


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Stay Connected On The Road With These Must-Have Travel Accessories

This post was last updated on October 17th, 2017Love it or hate it, the vast majority of us rely on technology when we travel. Whether it’s Waze to get from place to place, Skype to chat with loved ones or PayPal to send money to any corner of the globe, constant connectivity has forever changed the way we travel. Staying connected is especially critical for the many of us... read more

Exploring Croatia’s Wine Country: Four Must-Visit Wineries In Istria

If decadent cuisine (think truffle mashed potatoes), local wine varietals (like orange wine) and spectacular scenery sound like your ideal components for a perfect vacation, then you’re going to love Istria, Croatia.  Often referred to as “The New Tuscany,” I prefer to think of Istria as a similar but also unique region that’s distinctly Croatian—and an absolute must-visit while in the country.      While Croatia might not be... read more

Sanctifly: An Easy Solution To Staying Fit While You Travel

This post was last updated on September 22nd, 2017What do you do during long layovers or delays at the airport? While we try to get in some airport yoga or a short walk through the terminal, the reality is we end up at a mediocre bar where we spend too much money on fatty food and overpriced beer. Actually doing yoga at the airport instead of drinking beer! ;)... read more

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Some Good Reasons to Visit Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina are placed somewhere in the Southeastern Europe. There is a unique and complex blend of an interesting culture and the effortless natural beauty around. Wherever you look, your eyes feast on the lush greenery, picturesque views, and colorful rooftops. Perhaps it is time for you to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina that offer a unique opportunity to enter into a small country that has a lot more... read more

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia: What To Know Before You Go

This post was last updated on September 5th, 2017 If you’re planning a road trip through Croatia, then chances are Plitvice Lakes National Park is high on your bucket list. This fairytale setting of aquamarine water, dazzling waterfalls, colorful dragonflies and scenic woodlands is one of Croatia’s most renowned tourist attractions—clearly for a good reason.     You’ll have to share the picture-perfect scenery with heaps of other visitors,... read more

5 Must Visit Places In The Philippines

The Philippines is one of those places we will always look back on with the sweetest memories. This place is the real deal: from the picture-perfect beaches to the phenomenal locals and the dishes that will make you drool, the Philippines has it all.   We hopped over to this chain of Islands to celebrate one of our anniversaries while we were living in Taiwan and loved every minute... read more

– A Dash of Class –

The Vintage House Review: A Luxury Escape In The Heart of the Douro Valley, Portugal

This post was last updated on September 26th, 2017The Douro Valley immediately shot to the top of our travel bucket list the moment we decided to celebrate our six-year anniversary in Portugal. Luckily, this spectacular wine region did not disappoint.     From the rolling green hills to the rushing Douro River to the lush vineyards and olive groves, the Douro Valley is easily one of the most romantic... read more

8 Must-Visit Attractions In Paris, France

It’s no secret that we love Paris. Each time we visit, we discover something completely new that leaves us swooning over the city even more than we thought possible. Whether it’s a quiet corner cafe, a chic boutique or an exhilarating show, there’s truly no limit to the once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences on avail in Paris. We’ve written about our top 50 tips on what to see and do in... read more

Tips for Planning a Luxury Vacation

This post was last updated on September 4th, 2017Given a choice, we would all travel in the lap of luxury, catching a private jet to a tropical island resort. Sadly, unless your name is Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian, private jets are well out of reach and a luxury vacation is the stuff of daydreams; or at least that is the assumption. The good news is that anyone can... read more

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