Bali is a wonderful city to visit. Choosing to stay at a resort can make a great city even more enjoyable. Resorts like the Karma resort in Bali offer the convenience and comfort of having the best amenities and entertainment all in one centralized location and resort staff members often know the best off-site places to visit and can serve as knowledgeable trip advisors. So if you are looking to make a vacation in Bali, consider the benefits of choosing to stay at a resort.

About Bali
Bali is the largest island in the Bali Province, an island chain in Indonesia. There are many smaller islands nearby, like Nusa and Serangan Island. The location is essentially a tropical beach paradise that offers sandy beaches, brilliant blue waterscapes, and the wonderfully warm climate sought for in exotic locations. explains that Bali has been an immensely popular vacation destination since the 1980s as it holds many interests for visitors.

Sites to See
The picturesque landscape of Bali is one if the island’s best features. One site, favored by tourists, is the soaring volcano called Mount Agung. explains that the volcanic mountain last erupted between 1963 and 1964, an eruption that resulted in a giant crater on the side of the otherwise perfectly conical mountain: the crater regularly puts forth bursts of ash and smoke. Another site favored by tourists is the Bamboo Chocolate Factory which is located near Densapar, the largest city in Bali and home to the island’s international airport. The factory offers tours of its stunning bamboo building and a spectacular array of chocolate confections. Thanks to the active volcano, Bali also has black sand beaches that are the product of volcanic ash; while these beaches are too hot and dirty to play or relax on, they do make a lovely contrast to the whitecap waves that kiss the shore and provide interesting scenery.

Resort Amenities
Karma Resorts in Bali is not your typical beach getaway resort. Sure, it has the pristine private beach with the white sand and beautiful blue water, and it has the pools and comfortable rooms that you expect in a beach resort, but Karma offers so much more. In addition to the typical beach getaway, you can also enjoy lush gardens, art displays by local artists who are supported by Karma’s art program, and even a few boutiques along with fun bars and some of the best restaurants on the island, explains. The travel site also notes that a resort stay comes with some luxury freebies that include an a la carte breakfast, fruit platter, welcome refreshments, free non-motorized water sports on the private beach, and free Wi-Fi and satellite TV provided in each villa. The resort even has a library which is open to its guests, in case you would like a good book to take to the beach for some relaxing downtime.

Fun for Kids
Are you dreaming of a Bali vacation, but afraid that you can’t enjoy the exotic local with kids in tow? Worry no more. Bali has plenty of fun-filled activities and places geared towards kids. If you stay at Karma Resort, they offer a Kid’s Club complete with a shallower pool just for kids. In addition, lists several venues for entertaining children while on vacation in Bali. One great place is the Waterborn Park. The park has water slides and games and is very popular with kids. In the city of Ubud, visitors can bring their children to live theatrical performances that include dramatic dancing, traditional music and colorful costumes that dazzle and delight while giving guests a taste of the local culture. Most of the performance theaters are kid-friendly and outdoors, so you can enjoy the scenery by moonlight while watching the show.  And, of course, Bali has beaches galore where kids can swim, build sand castles, and enjoy water sports of all types.

Bali Night Life 
Bali is entirely dependent on tourism for its economic stability. This means that the islanders cater to tourists and provide all sorts of entertainment, including an exhilarating nightlife scene. notes that there are numerous bars, nightclubs, and award-winning restaurants thorough the island. Many venues offer live bands and comedy acts to keep patrons entertained. Whether you stay on the resort grounds or venture out into one of the larger cities, there is always something fun to do at night in Bali.

From day to night, from picturesque landscapes to relaxing art galleries, a Bali vacation will relax and delight. You can climb up the side of an active volcano, relax on a serene beach, or play in the brilliant blue water. Karma Resorts Bali takes the best of Bali and puts it all in one central location. For your next vacation, check out one of the world’s most sought after exotic destinations.