We’ve all been there, scrolling through your Instagram feed and the swoon-worthy image of your best friend hanging out on the palm-lined beach at sunset, or your crazy cousin dangling precariously off the summit of their last adventurous vacation. We all want to create memories we can look back on whether we decide to share them on social media, print and frame them in our homes or put them on a personalized phone case so we can carry the good times with us everywhere we go. GoCustomized makes a variety of phone cases that allow you to print virtually any image from your travels on your phone case! Need more inspiration in designing custom phone cases? Here is another site where you can make your own phone case.

Here are a few tips to capturing those memorable moments on your next trip!



Rule of Thirds Composition

One of the best hard and fast rules I’ve learned as a photographer is to use what’s called, the Rule Of Thirds. This essentially means breaking down your frame into 3 rows and 3 columns. Whatever you’re photographing, you’ll want to put in on one of these crosshairs where the lines intersect. This tends to make a more interesting image than simply placing your subject in the center.

Also, keep in mind what you’re trying to use your photo for after it’s taken. This may help determine if you want to take your photo in portrait or landscape orientation. For example, if you’re planning on posting a photo to Instagram Stories, make sure your phone is upright (portrait orientation) not landscape or else your image will be cropped and may not look like you want.


Natural Lighting


There’s a reason everybody loves taking photos of sunsets. Not only are they spectacular to look at, they also allow some of the most favorable lighting conditions for photography. This is called the Golden Hour when the light is a nice golden hue and isn’t too harsh and bright. During the middle of the day, photography can be difficult with bright sunlight, dark shadows and low color saturation. Wait for the hour or two before sunset for the most favorable lighting to make your photos really pop!


My Secret Weapon

Have you seen that button on your phone labeled HDR? Maybe you have but you’ve never used it, or you’ve used it but have no idea what it’s for. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and can be used when you have a very bright and very dark section of your photo and you’d like to have a bit less contrast. When using the HDR setting, your device will take a bright photo and a dark photo and combine them to create an image that is more well balanced. Use this setting whenever you find yourself thinking your image is too light and dark all at the same time.

No matter if you’re using a DSLR or a camera phone, using these tips will help you to take home not just images but memories that will last a lifetime.


Do you have any tips for taking remarkable vacation photos? Share yours in the comments below!