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Last year, we traveled through Thailand experiencing its two major cities: Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and bouncing around among the islands of Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui. We were enamored by this tropical paradise from the very beginning, yet everyone we told our travel adventures to had one objection: we didn’t go to Phuket.

It seemed as though everyone we talked to was shocked we didn’t go to Phuket, as they ranted and raved about this bucket-list worthy destination.

We knew better than to skip Phuket this time, so on our second trip to Thailand, we made Phuket our first stop.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, and your experience here will largely depend on where you go. We headed to Surin Beach Phuket first and found a quiet beach paradise that exceeded all our expectations.

Paradise Found: Surin Beach Phuket


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Surin Beach Phuket is about a 30-minute drive from Phuket’s airport. We had no idea what to expect when we were first arrived and were admittedly hesitant about what we would find.

We took a 5-minute stroll from our hotel, The Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort, and were immediately greeted by a jungle-enclosed beach.

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The sand was soft white with crystal blue waters and a shield of strong green mountains to either side. Tall palm trees encapsulated the beach and a few local vendors sold coconut water & local Thai dishes from the shade.

The left half of the beach was fairly dense with tourists, however, on the right side, where we entered, tourists were few and far between. Besides, the roar of the waves drowned out any sense that we weren’t the only ones there.



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Surin Beach Phuket was quiet and serene, with a few people swimming but most just sleeping.

Beach mats and umbrellas lined the sand for tourists to take advantage of, but we were too enthralled by the view to fall asleep.


Where To Stay At Surin Beach Phuket: The Novotel


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We stayed at the Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort for the duration of our time in Surin Beach Phuket and loved every minute.


The Property


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The Novotel Phuket Surin’s property is simply stunning. There is so much to enjoy on the resort’s property that we didn’t want to leave the hotel.

When you first walk into the hotel’s lobby, you’re greeted by deep cherry hardwood floors and classic Thai decor. We noticed the guests loved to come and hang out in the lobby during the day, and who would blame them? The arrangements were a dream.

The large central pool was simply enchanting, weaving in and out of a well-manicured, jungle-like landscape. There were a couple cabanas for poolside massages, and a hammock strung between two palm trees.


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Great For Families

If traveling with a family, the Novotel Phuket Surin Beach is a perfect option. Although my husband and I don’t have any little ones yet, this place will certainly be at the top of our family vacation list when we do.

There’s a comfy movie theater playing all the classic kids’ movies at various times of the day, and a large TV between the main restaurants to distract your kids so you can eat in peace.

The Novotel Phuket Surin also has an abundance of kids activities available throughout the day. Everything from Face Painting to puppet making and origami to keep your kids having a blast from 10 to 4. The majority of activities are free, except the ones that cost for supplies.

Don’t worry, adults, there are plenty of activities for you, too. Every day, group fitness classes are scheduled between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Try your hand at Thai Boxing or amp up your zen with a yoga class. You can even book personal lessons for some of the classes for just a small fee.



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We also loved the special events put on by the Novotel each week. There’s live music on Tuesdays by the very talented Jerwin Jabila Jabat. On Wednesdays, they fill the kids’ pool with foam and throw a mini pool party. Plus, later in the afternoon, adults can enjoy free, unlimited, cocktails during a special Happy Hour. The managers put on this free cocktail social specifically to check in and see how their guests’ stay is going.

Not to mention, they wisely put the pool bar next to the kids’ pool so you and your kid can indulge at the same time.



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The Rooms

The Novotel Phuket Surin has a variety of room styles to suit its guests’ particular needs. We reveled in the luxury of a poolside suite with a private terrace, and direct access to the pool. We loved keeping our curtains open wide, enjoying the pool’s atmosphere from the comfort of our plush bed, and found ourselves sipping wine on the private terrace on more than one occasion.



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The Food


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Every breakfast, lunch and dinner, there’s a huge buffet with a variety of Asian and Western food at Asia Alive. There’s a nightly, themed food schedule boasting everything from Sushi night to Italian night.


One of the best things about this hotel is how many options there are. With three different restaurants, you’d be hard pressed to find a meal choice you don’t like. We happened to be there on classic Thai night but had a serious craving for some sushi. The TAI Sushi Bar hooked us up with a huge plate of our favorite rolls and seated us next to the live music so we wouldn’t miss out.

Novotel Surin Beach Phuket Food 2



Novotel Surin Beach Phuket Food 1



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The Spa

Nothing wraps up a day in paradise like a luxurious 90-minute Thai massage. The Novotel’s In Balance Spa provides a wide variety of services at a reasonable price. The environment is tranquil, and the staff is professional and friendly. My husband and I had different masseuses, and both of us were thoroughly impressed by their talent. Once our massages were finished, we were served hot lemongrass tea and given time to just relax. We left feeling like new people.



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Novotel Surin Beach Phuket 13


What Makes This Resort So Special


novotel surin beach phuket


Overall, what set the Novotel Phuket Surin apart for us was the staff. Like I said, we had no idea what to expect and were so overwhelmed with the plethora of opinions on the web that we showed up to Surin Beach Phuket without a single plan.

The Novotel staff jumped right in with recommendations and secret tips that only locals would know. If it wasn’t for the staff, we might have walked away as dismayed tourists, but thanks to them, our time in Surin Beach Phuket was one we will never forget.

Nadia was particularly knowledgeable and friendly, checking in with us throughout the duration of our stay and jumping in with tips to make our time most memorable.

The Novotel is remarkably well-connected with the other resorts in the area. If they don’t have a service you need, they can easily connect you with the right person who does. There was one night we were bummed by the $30 round-trip taxi fare to the beach club we had chosen, when Nadia recommended we head to Catch Beach Club, instead. Turns out this beach club is one of the best on the islands, and she even hooked us up with a free shuttle from their next-door neighbors, The Twinpalms. This resort has a free nightly shuttle running between The Catch, and a couple of other beach clubs, every 15 minutes.

Room For Improvement


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Although the Novotel does a great job of accommodating a wide variety of needs, we know that not every hotel is suited for everyone. We loved the family atmosphere at the Novotel Phuket Surin, but if having tons of kids around isn’t up your alley, we wouldn’t recommend choosing this hotel. We found the Novotel Karon Beach to be far more suited for couples (we only saw a handful of kids during our entire stay.)



See our full review of the Novotel Phuket Karon right here: Phuket for Couples!


Practical Details

Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort
106/27 Moo 3, Cherngtalay, Talang, Surin Beach, 83110 Phuket, Thailand
PHONE +66 76 303 300 FAX +66 76 300 303
E-mail :

Pro Tip:

Make sure to keep an eye out for a special Phuket Resort Promotion. These deep discounts are ones you won’t want to miss.

What’s your favorite Phuket memories? Share your adventures in the comments below!

We were guests of The Novotel Phuket Surin. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.


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