Indonesia’s an exotic vacation destination that draws visitors by the thousands. Whether you’re seeking a new culture to embrace, unique cuisine to taste, drop-dead gorgeous beaches to enjoy, or excellent hiking spots to explore, Indonesia has it all. Whether you’re new to the country altogether or are a traveling novice, these top 5 cities in Indonesia are worthy of being explored time and time again.


Top 3 Cities To Visit In Indonesia


Photo via Franklin Heijnen


1. Jakarta

In the northeastern corner of the country, you’ll find Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. This massive city has an impressive nightlife for the party-loving traveler and an even more impressive historical sites and monuments to explore for the more laid back traveler. Jakarta’s home to the two-century-old National Museum, the National Monument located in the city center of Merdeka Square, and the National Gallery, an impressive display of the country’s finest artwork, to name a few. If you’re into big city life and are intrigued to know more about Indonesia’s rich history, Jakarta should be the first stop for you.


2. Bali

You knew it was coming. Bali may seem overrated to some, but having explored Indonesia myself, I can vouch for this incredible city–no matter how many tourists have already beaten the track. Most people come to Bali to enjoy the gorgeous beaches or to get in on water adventures like snorkeling, diving, and surfing, but there’s more to this sprawling city than its beaches. Although slightly catered toward tourists, the Kecak Dance is an excellent way to experience a bit of traditional Indonesian culture in a fun, nightlife setting. If you’re not into cultural dances, you might like this interactive safari that lets you get up close and personal with the animals. Top off the night by enjoying fire dancers perform a mind-blowing show. Whatever you chose, Bali’s waiting for you with an experience you’ll never forget!


Heerlijke nasi campur
Photo via Franklin Heijnen


3. Semarang

Semarang is located on the northern coast of the Island of Java. Semarang’s a great spot for zip lining, horseback riding, and eating lots and lots of yummy Indonesian food. If you’re staying in Semarang, you’ll be met with tons of great options for accommodation. The Quest Hotel, Semarang is one of the most loved in the city. Don’t forget to check out the local shopping! There’s tons of great deals to be found in this city! Semarang is less popular that Jakarta and Bali, but it’s an absolute must-visit destination!


Photo via Franklin Heijnen


One could never grow tired of exploring Indonesia! There’s tons of adventures to be had, cities to be explored, and food to be devoured. If you’re heading to Indonesia, make sure you stop in these top 3 cities!