50 Cool Things to Do in Paris

This post was last updated on March 11th, 2017

Cool Things To Do In Paris


One of the best things about Paris is the sheer number of things there are to see and do—and, of course, eat! Our most recent trip to Paris was our second time to the magical City of Lights. This time around, we did a ton of research prior to our arrival in an effort to discover the best off-the-beaten-path restaurants, activities, shopping and attractions. We also wanted to leave time to re-discover a handful of quintessential Parisian landmarks.


50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - Arc de Triomphe

50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - Louvre


We didn’t have time to check everything off our Paris bucket list—with fifty things to do in just six days, we would have driven ourselves crazy if we tried. But even though we didn’t test out everything firsthand, we still wanted to make sure our hours of research went to good use. After all, who knows when we’ll be back in Paris!

So here you have the fruits of our labor: 50 Cool Things to Do in Paris. We’ve organized the list into four categories: Iconic Attractions, Entertainment, Wining and Dining, and Shopping. Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth visit to Paris, you’re bound to discover a new, useful or inspiring idea below!




50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - The Eiffel Tower


1. The Eiffel Tower
Let’s start with the obvious. Love it or hate it, no trip to Paris is complete without a visit to this iconic Parisian landmark. It will cost you €15.00 and countless hours of your day to take the elevator to the top. Instead, consider purchasing a ‘skip the line’ ticket, or just enjoy the Eiffel Tower from its base.

2. Palais Garnier
Take a visit to this opulent opera house to view the grand staircase and auditorium bedecked in marble and gold leaf. Be sure to look up at the ceiling and spectacular chandelier. Though the setting for Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera, you likely won’t find any masked men haunting the stage; today the Palais Garnier is primarily used for the ballet.

3. Canal St. Martin
Escape the crowds with a visit to the quaint Canal St. Martin. Take a leisurely boat ride or just enjoy the walkway. On a sunny day you’ll have plenty of locals to keep you company.

4. Notre Dame
This historic cathedral dating back to 1163 is more than just the home of Quasimodo—it’s also considered to be one of the best examples of French gothic architecture. Marvel at the gargoyles and then climb the towers for a great view over the city.

5. Take a Seine River Cruise
Discover Paris from the Seine River on a bateau mouche, or open-air excursion boat. The tours operate during the day or at night, and are an inexpensive way to familiarize yourself with the city and snap some great photos.

6. Climb the Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is a monument in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte and a symbol of Parisian victory. If you do any ‘climb to the top to see the view’ excursions, make it the climb to the Arc’s panoramic viewing terrace. From here you can not only enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower, but also admire Paris’ broad boulevards and geometric urban plan.

7. Museo de Cluny
Many visitors to Paris often forget about the city’s Roman past. Visit the Museo de Cluny to see the Gallo-Roman baths, believed to date back to the 3rd century. A stop at this museum also makes a great excuse to get out and explore the Latin Quarter.

8. Champs-Élysées
This famous avenue leading up to the Arc de Triomphe is worth a stroll, especially if you go for a visit at dusk. With its throngs of tourists and high-end retailers, it’s not the most charming part of Paris, but it’s still worth a walk and some people watching.

9. Sacré-Cœur Basilica
This Roman Catholic Church is perfectly perched on the summit of Montmartre, the highest point in the city. The sheer size of the Basilica is truly amazing, as are the views of Paris from the top of the hill.

10. Centre Pompidou
Most Parisians seem to think the Pompidou is a monstrosity on the eyes; it only takes one glimpse of the art museum to understand why. Its exterior ducts and escalators sort of resemble a plumbing system, and are an attraction on their own.

11. Palace of Versailles
Wander the grounds around the royal chateau, and take a tour of the court that was once the center of political power in France. It’s impossible to miss luxurious Hall of Mirrors, where King Louis XIV not only entertained his guests but also intimidated them—a guest’s every move was reflected hundreds of times across the hall. Notably, it was also in the Hall of Mirrors where the Treaty of Versailles was signed.

12. Sainte-Chapelle
Visit this chapel to see the intricate stained glass collections; watching the light play through the massive windows is truly a sight to behold. Though not as famous, many people consider Sainte-Chapelle to be more beautiful than Notre Dame.

13. The Louvre
Even if you’re not an ‘art person’, don’t rush your visit through the Louvre. It’s one of the most important museums in the world, with a collection of over 1 million works of art. Do a bit of research or pay extra for an audio guide so you know what it is you’re looking at—you’ll appreciate the museum much more. We used our Paris Pass to skip all the lines, which was kind of fantastic.

14. Hotel des Invalides
This complex of buildings was once a hospital and retirement home for war veterans. Today, most tourists visit to view the burial site of Napolean Bonaparte, though if you’re a history or war buff you’ll find plenty else to entertain.

15. The Paris Catacombs
For a slightly creepy addition to any romantic getaway, take a visit to the Paris Catacombs. The catacombs are a 170-mile network of caves, tunnels and quarries beneath the city, filled with the skulls and bones of nearly 6 million deceased. We say it’s a must on any trip to Paris!


Important Insider Tip:

Always travel with Travel Insurance. Unfortunately on our trip to Paris, our super expensive DSLR camera was stolen. Luckily our travel insurance helped us to cover some of the replacement costs. You never know what could happen! We always use World Nomads as our travel insurance provider.



50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - Casey's Macarons


16. See a Cabaret
There are multiple cabaret experiences to be had in Paris, most notably the Lido, the Crazy Horse and the Moulin Rouge. We opted to see the latter as it is the most historically French (though nowadays you won’t see many Parisians there).

17. Catch a Film at Le Louxor Cinema
This historic cinema dates back to 1921, but it was only recently refurbished and re-opened to the public in late 2013. Le Louxor hosts a range of films, with early premiers, cinema workshops, children’s seances, concerts and local cine-club.

18. How to Become a Parisian in One Hour
In this one-man English comedy show, learn how Parisians view the tourists who come to their city. The show has smashing reviews and is on the top of our list if we ever return to Paris.

19. Look for Free Events
Paris certainly isn’t one of the cheapest cities in the world. Luckily, there are always a variety of free events going on, especially during the summer months. Entertainment ranges from concerts to photo exhibits to festivals.

20. Cookin’ With Class
I learned how to make macarons, but if you’re not up for the labor (making these little babies is intense) then there are numerous other cooking classes available. This unique French experience was a highlight of our trip to Paris.

21. Get Lost
Choose one of Paris’ neighborhoods and just get lost. This is where you’ll stumble upon quintessential Paris.

22. Revel in Hemingway’s Footsteps
If you’re a Hemmingway aficionado, consider using your Paris vacation to revisit some of the his favorite spots, including where Hemmingway mingled with the greatest artists of his time and found inspiration for A Moveable Feast and The Sun Also Rises. A Guide to Hemingway’s Paris will uncover the cafes, restaurants, and even hotels and landmarks immortalized by the author.

23. Take a Food Tour
Enhance your knowledge of French food and wine with a personalized walking tour through one of Paris’ most romantic neighborhoods, Montmartre. This was one of our absolute favorite things we did in Paris (if not all of France). Everyone we’ve recommended it to has loved it as well. Read the full post here.

24. Stroll Les Grands Boulevards
In Belle Époque Paris, the Grands Boulevards were the place to see and be seen. While they have lost a bit of their splendor with the advent of chain stores and fast food chains, the Boulevards are where you’ll find the Palais Garnier (listed above) and some of the best shopping in Paris (listed below).

25. Meander Ile St.-Louis
Spend an afternoon exploring this natural island in the Seine, easily accessible and connected to the rest of Paris by four bridges. Don’t miss a stop at the luxury ice cream shop Berthillon, considered by many to be the best ice cream in all of Paris.

26. Embrace Your Inner Child at the Funfair Museum
This off-beat museum boasts a variety of amusement park memorabilia dating from 1850-1950, including rides, carousels, merry-go-rounds, swings and more. Definitely not your everyday museum!

27. Go Clubbing at Showcase
Dance the night away at this popular nightclub under the Pont Alexandre III Bridge, once a former boat hangar. It’s not a cheap night out, but it’s also the kind of place you’ll only find in Paris.


Wining and Dining


50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - Crepe


28. Take a Wine Tour
There are numerous day trips that operate out of Paris, taking guests to small villages with local wineries and vineyards. We always say you can never go wrong with a wine tour!

29. Wine Hunt at Caves Auge
This wine shop is allegedly the oldest in all of Paris. The charming cave is absolutely packed with bottle after bottle of wine, so whether you know exactly what you want or you’re just in to browse, you’re bound to find something to suit your palate.

30. Take a Day Trip to Champagne
I never realized just how close Champagne is to Paris (only 45 minutes on the TGV). In my opinion, few things are better than a day spent hopping around the renowned Champagne Houses. We opted to sample the bubbly at Veuve Clicquot, Pommery and Lanson. Our day trip to Champagne was another one of our favorite experiences during our Paris trip. Even if you’re not a huge champagne fan the beauty and history of the city is worth a visit.

31. Purchase Goodies at a French Market
One of the best markets in Paris is the Bastille Market, also known as the Richard Lenoir Market, open Thursdays and Sundays. The market features excellent vendors of fish, cheese, and meats, but all varieties of foods are on offer, including Middle-Eastern, Spanish, and more. Alternatively, the President Wilson Market (open on Wednesdays and Saturdays) is a good option.

32. Splurge on Fine Dining
Some of the world’s best restaurants are in Paris. This article listing ten of the best authentic French bistros and restaurants in the city had us absolutely drooling, though we never got around to trying any of them for ourselves.

33. Eat Croissants
You are in Paris, after all. Pick any boulangerie you pass and try not to think about the major diet you’ll need to go on later.

34. Have a Picnic
Paris is known for its large number of elegant parks and gardens. Visit one of the markets listed in the guide to pick up fresh local goods to take along. Not sure where to go on your picnic? Try starting at the lovely Place de Vosges.

35. Attend a Supper Club
If you’re looking for an intimate dining experience, try one of Paris’ Supper Clubs. The most renowned is likely Jim Haynes’; he has run a Sunday dinner party  for the past 30 years. The dinners attract around 60 people, making this a great place to mingle.

36. Dine at L’Ardoise
We ended our Paris trip with dinner at this small French restaurant on the recommendation of the concierge at the Hyatt. It’s not all that fancy, but what this authentic brasserie lacks in décor it makes up for with deliciousness. Reservations are strongly recommended.

37. Foodie Shopping at G Detou
If you know your way around a kitchen, take a visit to G. Detou to stock up on anything a cook or baker could ever need. It also makes the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs for the foodie in your life.

38. Taste Test Macarons
The two most famous macaron shops are Laduree and Pierre Herme. Laduree is famed for selling the original macaron, and is named after the grandfather of French macaron inventor Desfontaines. Pierre Herme is known for his innovative flavors like chocolate foie gras and strawberry wasabi. Try them both to choose your favorite.




50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - Art


39. Vintage Shopping in the Marais
The Marais is one of my favorite areas of Paris, right after Montmartre. There are loads of great one-of-a-kind, vintage shops in the area, but you have to keep your eyes open for them. While you’re wandering, be sure to visit the République, Oberkampf and Hôtel de Ville

40. Rue de Rivoli
Rue de Rivoli is one of the longest streets in Paris. It starts near Saint Paul, runs along the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre, and goes all the way to the Hotel de Ville. There are too many shops here to count, with everything from crappy souvenirs to bohemian boutiques to high-end designer shops.

41. Bercy Village
This restored warehouse village doesn’t have the best shopping in Paris, but it is a cute outdoor strip mall and off the beaten path location to do some window shopping.

42. Jewelry Shop at Place Vendome
We only passed by the jewelry shops because we were staying at The Hyatt, just steps away from Place Vendome. But if you happen to have the money and an itch to buy outrageously expensive jewelry, this is the place for you.

43. Hunt for Art
Most tourists (myself included) pick up an inexpensive piece of artwork along the Seine River or the Place du Tertre (Artist’s Square). Alternatively, visit any number of small affordable art galleries in the city to purchase an authentic, original painting.

44. Get Lost in a Bookshop
We its plethora of bookshops and literary history, Paris is one of the best places in the world for a bookish escape. La Belle Hortense tops our list of favorite bookshops—the walls are lined with books and bottles, meaning you can find inspiration leafing through a novel while simultaneously sipping a glass of vino.

45. Galeries Lafayette
Whether you’re up for shopping or not, visit this upscale French department store to view the stained glass dome ceiling—the lavishness is so worth it.

46. Gourmet Food Shopping on Rue Rambuteau
We debated with putting this item on the ‘Wining and Dining’ section, but ultimately it ended up here, as there is a plenty of other shopping on and around this popular street. However, the main reason to visit the market street of Rambuteau is for a visit to a few of its gourmet food shops. There are also a great variety of restaurants if you’re shopping on an empty stomach.

47. Hidden Shopping Passages
Paris boasts numerous hidden passages across the city. Galerie Viviene is one of the most chic, with expensive boutique shops, elegant restaurants, well preserved architecture and a fantastic vibe.

48. The Palais-Royal
If you’re looking for cutting edge designer shops like Marc Jacobs, Pierre Hardy or Corto Moltedo, then visit the Palais-Royal. While window-shopping, enjoy the 17th century arcades, the Palais-Royal Gardens and learn about the history of the palace and grounds.

49. Saxe Breteuil Market
Visit this large-scale, open-air market on Thursdays and Saturdays for a great variety of high-quality food, including meats, chesses, fish and vegetables. There’s also clothing, jewelry, linen and a few other odds and ends for sale.

50.The St-Ouen Flea Market
If you’re a big bargain hunter, a visit to one of Europe’s largest flea markets is a must. St-Ouen Market has over 2,500 stalls divided into 14 specialty groups. You’ll need plenty of time and patience to devote to this market if you want to find something truly worthwhile.

50 Cool Things to Do in Paris - Louvre Park

For our trip to Paris, the Paris Tourism Board gave us complimentary Paris City Passports. These City Passports gave us free access to a number of Parisian attractions, the metro, and the Seine River Cruise. Perhaps even better, we also got to skip the long lines at many of the attractions. If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing in Paris, or you just don’t want to waste valuable time standing in line, then we highly recommend purchasing a Paris City Passport for convenient and efficient savings.


Now That You Know What To Do, Here’s Where To Stay In Paris


Budget Accommodation


Hotel Joke – Astotel

Hotel Joke receives raving reviews for a reason. The staff are friendly, the location is nearby a metro, and the overall ambience of the place is just plain fun. It’s a steal for what it offers at its price point.

Learn More Here


Hotel Scarlett

This fully renovated hotel offers stylish rooms at a convenient location nearby two different metro stations. Guests say the beds are particularly comfortable.

Learn More Here




Hotel Le Six

This 4-star boutique hotel on the Paris Left Bank is as romantic as can be. Many of the most popular attractions are right outside your door, including Notre Dame and the Luxembourg Gardens. The sweeping buffet breakfast is always a highlight of any stay here.

Learn More Here


Hôtel Saint-Marc

The Saint-Marc is a chic option if you’re looking for luxury without the jaw-dropping price tag. (Remember, this is Paris!) Guests particularly love the Art Deco design, garden views, and filling breakfast. The staff is also friendly and welcoming.

Learn More Here




Mandarin Oriental Hotel

If you’re going to go luxury, then Paris is the place to go all out. The Mandarin Oriental is as romantic and lovely as can be, if you your budget allows. After a long day walking around and site-seeing, The Mandarin Oriental is a divine spot to relax with a cocktail in hand. Even if you don’t stay here, it’s worth stoping by for a drink.

Learn More Here


Le Ritz Paris

Another classic option in Paris, Le Ritz is famous for a reason. Pure luxury in the heart of Paris. Again even if you don’t stay here, stopping by the bar named after Hemingway is a must for all his fans and cocktail lovers. The history of Le Ritz is fascinating as well.

Learn More Here


Have you been to Paris? Anything to add to our bucket list? Anything on this list that caught your eye?


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  1. Love, love, love this post. Great job of getting the essence of Paris all in one list! Made me do a lot of reminiscing!!

      • Have to agree here – it really is quite a post! As if visiting Paris for the first time wasn’t intimidating enough, I’ve now got a list as long as my arm to keep my busy while I’m there ;-)
        Amanda recently posted…Antonioni Exhibition OfferMy Profile

      • Thanks for the incredible list !
        You can also live authentic experiences in Paris here

    • my favs are Lux Gardens and Blvd St Michel area. also went to Marche d’Aligre this past April and it was the best outdoor market ever in the world.

    • Thank you soooo much for this info
      I feel like i was visiting paris not you bekoz of the deep details
      Thank you again and keep up

    • I am french and I agree with your post very well made but never forget that Paris is one of the best destination for the robbers of europeans and non europeans contries . So be careful all the time with your bag and your money !!! Enjoy and return safe .

    • There’s always something else to see in Paris. Just another reason to go back :-)

  2. This is really helpful, thanks! I’m going Paris soon and will be doing most of these things! Especially eating lots of croissants haha
    Elliott Giles recently posted…How To Plan a Backpacking RouteMy Profile

    • The croissants are delicious, as is just about every other food in Paris :-p

  3. I’d love to do the Hemingway spots when I go back. For me, being obsessed with Impressionism, I thought the Musee d’Orsay was far more worth my money than the Louvre – and the line was about 30 minutes shorter, too!

    • Thanks for recommending the Musee d’Orsay! We actually toured it after the Louvre just for the special exhibit on Van Gogh which was really interesting.

    • Thanks Katie! I hope you get the chance to use it soon :-)

  4. On my next visit to Paris I’d love to make “A Midnight in Paris” detour (yeah it’s kind of cheesy, but I loved the movie so much!). Got a list of locations already, just need to put it all on the map!
    Elena recently posted…Top 20 Secret Spots To Visit in FranceMy Profile

    • That would be a fun tour! I loved the movie as well and I think it would be really fun to recreate :-)

    • Thanks Noel! So glad you found it helpful. Hope you make it there soon!

  5. We didn’t do the Paris City Passport but we were lucky enough to be visiting during the 1st Sunday of the month meaning many of the museums were free! We managed to fit in three that day—Rodin, D’Orsay, & Orangerie—and I’m so glad we did; the D’Orsay is absolutely gorgeous as it is in an old train station and has one of the best Impressionist collections in the world. And the Orangerie has Monet’s stunning Waterlilly paintings and was my personal favorite visit of our entire time in Paris. I didn’t see you mention either of those museums but even for casual art fans, I would say both of those are “can’t miss!”
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted…Travel Photo Roulette #81: The Face of a NationMy Profile

    • That’s awesome that you got to fit in three museums on the day that they were free! Were they crazy busy? We of course weren’t there for that, but I always wonder if they are out of control or not. Great additions though! We actually went to D’Orsay and loved it as well, especially the Van Gogh exhibition going on at the time. I debated for a long time about adding it to the list, but ultimately put in the catacombs instead for a bit of diversity. Though I will admit if we were going to go back, I would sub out the Louvre for D’Orsay. We didn’t get to Orangerie on either of our visits to Paris, but next time I definitely want to go there as well. I think we could easily have done a post that was ’50 Art Encounters in Paris’- it’s unbelievable how much there is to see!

    • Thanks Lillie! The food is Paris is absolutely fantastic! I can’t remember the last time I ate that much cheese in one sitting… and don’t even get me started on the crepes :-p

  6. Lots of great suggestions here and of course the food section was my favorite!! Nice job putting it all together in one place…
    Val-Eating The Globe recently posted…Date A Girl Who EatsMy Profile

    • Thanks Val! Parisian cuisine is amazing and certainly not to be missed :-)

  7. This is a great list! I love how you organized it. I’ve never done a cooking/baking class with Cookin’ With Class but La Cuisine offers some great classes – they have a fun one I did with my mom where you make a French dinner and enjoy it afterwards with the class and some wine. I loved that you mentioned to go to a market – the Bastille market is a great one! I would add to check out famous Marché d’Aligre with its outdoor stalls and covered market…and then get a glass of wine at one of my favorite spots, Le Baron Rouge (really reasonable prices too).
    Sara @ SimplySaraTravel recently posted…Park it in Paris: Place des VosgesMy Profile

    • Thanks for your suggestions! The cooking class was one of my favorite things we did in Paris and of course the wine is not to be missed :-)

    • When I was 2 years old I was kid napped and taken to France and now live with my real parents in paris

  8. I can’t wait to do them all! I’ve been to Paris twice before, but as a teenager. I’m really looking forward to returning now that I have a much bigger appreciation for art and history. Plus, I’ll go with my husband rather than 15 high school classmates so the tone of the trip should be a lot different :-)
    Heather recently posted…Snapshot: Cleveland’s West Side MarketMy Profile

    • This was our second time to Paris (first time together) and we really felt like we appreciated it a lot more being older and seeing it together!

    • That’s great you were able to find a spot where you were the only Americans. That can be tough to find in a place like Paris :-)

  9. Wow great list! I had a friend who was looking for an onsite on Paris when you showed me the link…I’ll be sure to share it with him! Also, thanks for including the small things like the wine caves and a reminder of the small shopping passages…this is EXACTLY where you would find me spending my day! lol ;-)
    Ron | Active Planet Travels recently posted…Amazing Food at the Luang Prabang Night Market in LaosMy Profile

  10. I will be taking 10 high school Juniors to Paris this summer and wanted to catch a show at the Moulin Rouge, but I can’t seem to find anywhere to say whether it is appropriate for this age or not. Opinion?

    • Hmm I would say it depends on the maturity level of the students. We definitely saw teenagers while we were there, but there are also parts where the women are completely topless. It’s a hard one to say.

  11. Sadly, the original Berthillon on the Ile St Louis is closed now. ;-(

    I would also add the Marche aux Enfants Rouges in the Marais — lots of different, and DELICIOUS, food stalls.

    • Ah we didn’t know that!! Thank you so much for the update and the suggestion about Marche Enfants Rouges

    • I’m 99.9% sure Berthillion is still open. It IS closed Monday & Tuesday and the entire month of August, however.

  12. We are visiting Paris, for the first time, in a few weeks and am so thrilled to have such a wonderful list to work with. Thank you for sharing these ideas with us. I’m hoping to see several of the places you mentioned and am even more excited, if you can believe that, than I was before!!

    • Awesome!! Paris is so magical, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!!

  13. Try plopping your but down at a sidewalk cafe and watch Paris stream by you. Street musicians, arguing couples, tourists, schoolchildren – all of it makes for a great show you can enjoy with a plate of frites and the beverage of your choice.

    • Yes I agree, that’s a wonderful way to experience the city :)

  14. Having been to Paris numerous times I can firmly say that this list is magnifique!!

  15. Awesome list!! Happy to have done most of them, but there are still some I gotta do soon during my next trip to Paris :D always happy to come back!
    Packing my Suitcase recently posted…Free things to do in MunichMy Profile

    • We always need an excuse to return to a place, so we like leaving a few items unchecked ;-) Not that you ever need an excuse to visit Paris! :)

  16. Also a must see is Pere Lachaise Cemetery. So much history and so beautiful. Download the app or go early to get a paper map. You can wander around for hours.

  17. This is a fabulous list! My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary on a 2 week European trip in October. We are piggy backing 2 days in London and 2 days in Paris on our Greece tour. This is a pretty extensive list to pack in 2 full days. Do you have suggestions we must do during our short time there? I have been there before and done all the touristy things, but my husband has not. I also saw that you got the Paris City Passports complimentary, how did you do that? Thanks so much!

  18. What a great post! I can’t wait to try as many of these things as I can when I go in September :) We’re only going for 3 days but we’re hoping to cram as much in as possible in the short amount of time!
    Abiee recently posted…Pinteresting InteriorMy Profile

  19. What a lovely list! Would like to add the following though:
    Le Bon Marche department store with its beautiful Eiffel roof and locals doing their shopping
    Rent a bicycle!
    Merci – a little shop in the Marais. It is a treasure trove of awesome gifts
    Prey got close to the Opera for clever, beautiful storage solutions. The tote bags that fold into a teddy bear are my fav’s

  20. We just moved to Paris! Definitely planning on slowly doing this whole list but while we were staying in a hotel while we arranged for an apartment hunt, we got to explore the neighborhood of Vincennes and the Chateau d’Vincennes there. You have to make a reservation to go into the highest tower but the rest of it is just as cool. A lot of French history there.

  21. France is my favorite country. Last year I visited it twice. First time I was there for 4 days only and I couldn`t visit almost nothing. Second time I stayed for 2 weeks. I manage to see the The Louvre. It is amazing! Trust me You should visit this gorgeous country. Best regards!

  22. Love this! I’ve been to Paris twice and am planning to go again soon. One cool thing to do is go to the Shakespeare Book Company in the Latin Quarter. It’s a must!

  23. Actually I live in Paris haha! It was really funny to read this post because it reminds me of my dear city! I live in the 11th district (between Bastille and Nation). If you like markets, I recommend you Aligre’s one which is near Rue du faubourg st antoine which is a great street to shop! The market really big and quite cheap but really fun!

  24. What a wonderful list. I will definitely add many to my list for my family’s first trip to Paris this June. Would you recommend staying in the Montmartre area?

    Thank you for your suggestions!

    • Hi, Shellie!

      YES! We would definitely recommend staying in the Montmartre area. That’s actually right where we stayed, and we loved it!

      Enjoy your trip!! :-)
      A Cruising Couple recently posted…Uncover The WorldMy Profile

  25. Don’t forget Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. English books in this quaint and cozy shoppe! Unless they have changed, they even allow writers to sleep here overnight, sandwiched between the aisles of books!

  26. Parisian here! I would add to these recommendations:

    * Hang out with artists that will make works of art for you, right in the middle of Paris! There’s a 6 story building, 5 minutes away from the Louvre Museum that you can visit for free and engage with the artists as they’re doing their works. 58 rue rivoli

    * Visit the sewer system. The entrance is right off the Eiffel Tower, and features the story of Paris told through the eyes of the development of the water system. “Visite des egouts”!

    * Go out for drinks with a parisian (this is self promotion!). We take a small group of travelers (maximum 7), start at a popular wine bar with locals, and then we visit 2, 3 more spots, depending on what the group wants to do! Cocktails, Dancing, live music, beer, all away from the crowds. http://likealocalin.paris

    Enjoy my beautiful city!

    • Thanks for sharing your tips!! Would love to go for a drink with a Parisian next time we are there :)

  27. Hi! This is such a great list and the way you broke it down into categories was perfect. I studied abroad in Paris a few years back so all of the museums were free with the student visa. I’m curious, were you happy with the Paris Discovery Passport? I will be visiting with my bf in June and would love to know if the passport includes Versailles in the list of museums that you’d have entry to. In addition, did they really include pickup and drop off from the airport?

  28. Love the list! We took a cooking class in Paris through Cookly (www.cookly.me).
    Highlight of our trip!

  29. Have you guys gone shopping at Le Marais yet? It may sound commercial, but there are a lot of quirky shops in that neighborhood :)

    Comprehensive list nonetheless – definitely going to visit this page again on my next trip to Paris in a couple months!


    • I actually love Le Marais! Great addition. Hope you enjoy your trip to Paris :)



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