We’re in Indonesia!!

I know, we just went home to North Carolina for Christmas—which was so incredibly awesome—but we finally have our long awaited one-month hiatus from work. Sort of a teacher’s summer vacation except for it’s now. And what better way to spend your non-summer vacation than in hot and tropical Bali?!

Packing for Indonesia

The bulk of our trip will be spent in Bali, the Gili Islands, and Lombok, but we have a flexible schedule with only a few reservations here and there, so who knows where we’ll end up.

A perfect example: we were planning on hanging out in Jakarta for a day just to get a glimpse of the capital city. Unfortunately, due to the severe flooding that killed at least 12. We decided to go ahead and take a night train to Yogyakarta. As we speak (I type?) we’re sitting in the train station with a good cup of Nescafe as the thunder reverberates through the building, threatening more flooding to come. Luckily for us we’ll arrive in Yogyakarta at 3:00am. Do we have a hotel? Of course not. Are we super excited, nonetheless? You bet. There’s something incredibly liberating about not having anywhere to be.

Flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia

You’re probably super tired of reading all the tons of blog posts we’ve had lately *cough* but we really are going to blog about our trip as often as possible. Of course, we’re not going to let it interfere with our hiking, scuba diving, surfing, yoga, massages, tropical drinks on the beach…you get the idea.  But if we get the time we’ll keep you updated on all the great things we’ve seen, along with our personal recommendations for travelling in Indonesia.

So stay tuned, because I’m sure this time tomorrow we’ll have something awesome to share with you.

A Cruising Couple, New Backpack for Indonesia

Have you been to Java or Bali? Don’t be shy…comment and give us your recommendations!