Cycling Vietnam has toyed with my emotions. It’s been a while since travel made me feel such intense highs and dramatic lows, but Vietnam (or really cycling) has reminded me just how much of an emotional rollercoaster I am. In case you didn’t know, biking is freaking hard. Especially when you decide to lug along virtually everything you own, on unpaved mountain roads with no civilization in sight.  It’s amazing, don’t get me wrong, and I am falling in love with the country and its people. But cycling? Not so sure how I feel about it yet. I can tell you my body is not in the least pleased though.


Despite the lows, the emotional, adrenaline-pumped highs have been remarkable; I might even say they’ve made every exhausting pedal worth it.


Join us on our Tour de Vietnam through Central Vietnam:

 Tour de Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Trail Lake

Tour de Vietnam Cycling Central Vietnam

Cycling Central Vietnam!

Fishing Boats Vietnam

China Beach Da Nang Vietnam

China Beach in Da Nang. Perfect place to relax before another day on the road.

Da Nang City Vietnam

Da Nang at sunset

Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam

Marble Mountains

Huyen Khong Buddhist grotto Vietnam

Giant Buddha carved into a cave!

A Cruising Couple Chatting with Local Vietnamese Children

Making friends with some local kids during a water break

Soccer Game Vietnam

Highway in Vietnam

Google maps said this was a “highway”…..

Tour de Vietnam bridge crossing

Tour de Vietnam Cycling Central Vietnam mountains

Ho Chi Minh Trail Cycling Central Vietnam

Finally on the Ho Chi Minh Trail!

So what do you think? Would these views motivate you enough to get spinning?


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