They may not capture the children who run to the roadside, posed for a high-five as we pass by. Or the old women who try to cycle faster than us, laughing and balancing small mountains of rice on their own bikes all the way. They don’t show the locals who slow their scooter-pace, only to ask where we are going and where we are from, never driving off without first volunteering to pull us the rest of the way. And of course, you can’t hear the hundreds of ‘hallos’ called out to us each day, or the fits of giggles that follow when we wave or smile back.


Unfortunately we aren’t too good at simultaneously taking photos and cycling – we’re working on it, we promise. In the meantime, here are a few images from our first few days of cycling North Vietnam. They still offer a pretty good snapshot of our surroundings in the beautiful, mountainous north.

Cycling in Vietnam 1

Cycling Vietnam

A Cruising Couple Cycling Ho Chi Min Highway Vietnam

Vietnamese Home

Vietnam Billboard

Ox Cart Vietnam

Northern Vietnam

Vietnamese Farmers

Dang it Mildred. You always lose your contacts in the worst places!

Northern Vietnam Ho Chi Min Highway


Dirt Road Vietnam

Not the nicest road for cycling.

Have you traveled through Northern Vietnam?



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