Whether you approve of the fact that the Christmas celebration seems to begin earlier and earlier every year, there’s no denying that this momentous holiday will be here before we know it. It’s never too early to start planning not only what you’re going to get others but also what you might want to ask for from friends and family members with whom you exchange. And while gift cards are great, there’s nothing like getting something that’s a bit more personal and unique. If you need some Christmas-piration (just go with it), read on for seven items you need to put on your Christmas list.

1. A Dog-Eat-Dog Gift

It might have been cheesy in years past to get something or give something pet-related, but it sure is all the rage these days. From decorative dog pillows and dog tees to personalized photo gifts of your pooch to bathing suits with your pooch on them (yes, these exist), pet-inspired gifts abound. And if you are one of those people who lives and breathes for your pooch (or other pet), put something like one of these items on your list.

2. Pajama Wear

Is there anything better than the feeling of putting on a pair of flannel PJs (or insert other favorite kind of PJs here) after a long, hard day? And while the love of pajamas is nearly universal, we don’t always buy them for ourselves. That’s why they’re a great item to put on a Christmas list. Another bonus is that pajamas are generally easy to size, which even makes them great for a White Elephant gift party. You might even consider making a tradition out of asking for holiday PJs for the whole family, as these are great for photos. Wanna go cozy-crazy? Put something fun like a bedazzled pair of slippers on the list, too.

3. Home Goodies

We often need things for our homes but don’t buy them, as we think we need to save up or should spend our money on something else. That’s why these items are great to put on a Christmas list. Of course, the average person doesn’t expect to be given something gigantic like a couch, but feel free to put things like gardening tools, wine glasses, or even high end comforter sets on the list. These are always fun presents that are just a tad outside the box.

4. Zomething Zen

This time of year is all about excess but you know what follows suit, right? Our New Year’s resolutions, of course! It’s a time when many of us reevaluate what isn’t working in our lives and, for many of us, that’s stress. Think ahead and put something like a gratitude journal, yoga classes or gear, or essential oils and/or diffuser. The latter might have seemed like a passing fad for a while but many have experienced genuine benefits from diffusing various beneficial scents like lemon and lavender.

5. Make the Music

Music makes just about everyone happy, and the holidays are a big time for tunes. So why not put something musical on your list? Many will likely want Alexa or Google Home. And, while these do so much more than simply play music, it is one of their best features. A set of Bluetooth speakers to play music outside is always a great option, too. If you’re going to ask your family to go all out, you might even put an actual instrument on your list. After all, they’ll be able to enjoy this, too (that is … if you know how to play!).

6. Some Holiday Garb

Make your outfit a standout at this year’s holiday party by requesting some Christmas-worthy attire. Check out some hilarious ugly Christmas sweaters and find something that’ll really get the party talking. Request a sweater that features Santa Claus riding a unicorn, or opt for a sweater that comes complete with a corn hole set sewed into its front. One of these “ugly” Christmas sweaters is sure to become your holiday staple—you’ll never have to stress about what to wear to holiday festivities again.

7. Accessories

Scarves, hats, purses, and more are great alternatives to asking for clothes, as it’s hard for others to find just the right size. Many sizes vary depending on the store. Ask for that scarf you saw on the manikin in your favorite store or even a charm bracelet that you or others can add to each year. Purses for women or satchels or new workout bags for men are great things to add to the list, as you might not have picked what you’re given for yourself but could end up loving it anyway. It’s always fun to see other’s personalities come through in their gift choices.

Holiday gift-buying can feel like just one more thing to do during this busy season. Add one or more of these things to your Christmas list and make it easy on those around you to pick just the right present.