Britain’s are very traditional with their Christmas Day schedule and, for many families, it’s the same every year. So, this year, we thought we’d mix things up a bit by providing 20 great ideas for anyone looking to get out of the rut and try something a little different this year.

  1. Go To The Beach

If you’re feeling adventurous, plan a trip to one of the beautiful English beaches for Christmas Day. Surfing has become quite a popular Christmas Day activity, but check the weather conditions beforehand if you’re planning to take a dip. Otherwise you can just walk and take in your surroundings. Recommended beaches: Porthmeor (St Ives) and Fistral (Newquay)


  1. Volunteer at a Charity

Every year there are thousands of people without anywhere to go, forced to spend Christmas Day alone. Homeless shelters and charities provide a safe community for vulnerable people at Christmas. Crisis have a range of roles from hairdressers and chefs to performing arts and general volunteers. There’s no better way to make use of your skills or your time if you’re stuck for something to do.


  1. Take Part in a Christmas Day Cycle Ride

The traditional Christmas Day Southwark cycle ride has taken place every year since 2001 and is continuing this year along National Route 4, passing some of London’s most famous landmarks. Previous years have seen more than 100 riders take part and absolutely everyone is welcome.


  1. Go Out For Christmas Dinner

Cooking a big Christmas dinner always takes hours and generally causes a lot of stress, so going out to eat is becoming a popular alternative. You’ll be surprised at just how many pubs and restaurants are open on Christmas Day with dinner packages available for a great price.


  1. Plan A Hotel Break

Many UK hotels offer Christmas packages for those wanting to escape for the Christmas period. Plan a three-night stay and enjoy all the festive entertainment that comes with it. The Savoy provides a grand experience with festive treats plus ice-skating at Somerset House.


  1. Order A Takeaway

If you’re fed up of the traditional dry turkey and sprouts then go online to order yourself a nice takeaway. Choose from, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and more from the range of restaurants open on Christmas day.


  1. Go To Church

As Christmas Day is traditionally a religious holiday, all churches will be open for what is essentially their busiest time of year. Services will be held all over the country on Christmas morning as well as the traditional midnight mass on Christmas Eve.


  1. Visit Some Of Britain’s heritage

Although museums and galleries will be closed, some of Britain’s greatest heritage is always open to the public. The Charles Dickens tour in London always runs on Christmas Day or you could enjoy a walk alongside Hadrian’s Wall or take in the impressive coastline on the South Downs Way Walk.


  1. Eat A Vegetarian Meal

Christmas is a great time to try something new and family members with special diets are often left out of traditional Christmas dinners. Make everyone feel welcome by cooking your own vegetarian meal or going out to a specialist vegetarian restaurant.


  1. Watch The Peter Pan Cup

Members of the Serpentine Swimming Club have been taking part in a traditional Christmas Day race every year since 1864. Spectators are welcome so wrap up warm and start the big day with a good race.


  1. Take A Walk

Wherever you are, there’s bound to be some scenic routes you could take a stroll down. Embrace the nature around you and take a long wintery walk around your local area.


  1. Visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Surprisingly, this London attraction is open 365 days a year so take a trip into the world of art, culture, history and nature with all these amazing exhibits. There really is something for everyone.


  1. Go To A Disco

Many hotels and pubs will hold Christmas parties in the evening, so if you’re in the mood for dancing and perhaps a traditional sherry get in touch with your local and find out what’s going on.


  1. Take Part in Some Carol Singing

There will be carol singing all over the country on Christmas Day so check around your local area to see if there are any you can take part in. If you’re in the capital you could go and watch the spectacular carol show at St Paul’s Cathedral.


  1. Go On A Guided Tour

The capital city still runs special historical Christmas Day tours so book a place on one of these if you’re interested in history. Stratford Upon Avon also runs an award winning William Shakespeare tour on Christmas Day and there’s no need to book, so just turn up and enjoy.


  1. Watch Some Classic Films

Christmas is a great time to watch all those re-runs of the films you love. There’s no doubt that there’ll be a whole selection of classics to choose from so settle down on the sofa with your family and a selection of snacks and while away the hours.


  1. Go To A Countryside Retreat

Plan a nice break in the countryside for Christmas this year. Enjoy the far reaching coastlines of Wales or the beautiful scenic landscapes of the Lake District as just two examples.


  1. Parkrun

If your local area is holding a parkrun on Christmas Day then this is a great way to begin your morning and get in some essential exercise before the food overload begins at lunchtime.


  1. Make Use of Empty Areas and Take Photographs

Many streets and town squares will be very quiet on the 25th so take this rare opportunity to take some scenic photographs in the winter light.


  1. Celebrate in Style of Another Country

There are so many different traditions upheld by other countries so make Christmas interesting and follow in the footsteps of another culture. Take inspiration from France where Christmas lunch is eaten early Christmas morning and 13 different desserts are usually consumed.


If you’re stuck for ideas this Christmas Day then this list is sure to get those cogs going.