Just two weeks from now and we’ll all be sipping on egg nog and mimosas, with wrapping paper flung all over the floor, and Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Hits lulling softly in the background. While some of you may have had your Christmas shopping done ages ago, others haven’t even given one thought to the idea. That’s ok: we’re here to help. This last minute Travelers Gift Giving Guide is jam-packed with the BEST gifts every traveller will drool over on Christmas morning.


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The Ultimate Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Guide For Travelers


The Raw Spice Bar


Have a foodie traveler in your life? The Raw Spice Bar is the perfect gift. Customize any monthly package and bring the world right to your kitchen. Each month, you’ll receive 3 freshly-ground flavor packs, ready to be mixed with fresh, local ingredients to create a meal that reflects the unique flavors of various regions around the world. This is the ultimate way to experience cuisine from all over the world in the comfort of your own home.


The DJI Osmo


I am in love with this camera! With all the adventure and outdoor activities, we do it’s nearly impossible to film anything without the camera shaking violently. The Osmo is a powerful, handheld video camera that uses top-of-the-line stabilizing technology to deliver a smooth, clean shot every time. With the Osmo, you can enjoy your surroundings without the constant focus on keeping a perfectly steady hand. The Osmo adapts, allowing for perfectly steady, 360-degree video with the convenience of a compact, handheld camera. The Osmo retails for $569 this holiday season.


The TUNG Brush

Tung Cleaner

Grandma’s stockings just got a whole lot cooler. This year, ditch the plastic $2 toothbrush, and swap in this awesome TUNG brush. We love the TUNG Brush for its ability to keep our breath fresh no matter what yummy meal we just devoured. Give your traveler the gift of freedom to eat any funky new cuisine without the undesired backlash of awful breath.


Victoriatourist V6022 Laptop Backpack for SLR Camera


This incredible backpack has become one of my best travel companions. We tend to carry around a lot of camera and film equipment when we travel for the blog. This backpack is compact, and lightweight, with perfect compartments for a 15” laptop, my DSLR Camera, two lenses, and a pocket that fits my DJI Osmo and necessary cables all segmented and designed for easy access. It’s moveable dividers allow optimal storage without compromising on its compact nature, and its cushioned interiors provide maximum protection. Finally, no more digging around for my camera and missing the shot because it’s jammed underneath everything.

This backpack has an awesome multi-panel design that allows maximum breathability and comfort for your back and shoulders, and comes with a water-resistant cover to protect your valuables should you be caught in the rain.

At just $59.99 on Amazon, we couldn’t resist bragging on this awesome backpack for the holiday season. Not to mention, if you utilize Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, you’ll be in the clear as a last-minute shopper. ;-)

Alternatively, try Backpack Hack for more ideas for great travel bags.


DJI Mavic Pro Bundle


This small, compact drone is making quite a stir among travelers these days as one of the most portable drones available on the market. This drone folds down to be as small as a bottle of water, meaning maximum convenience without compromising nearly as much on video quality, range, or battery life as its same-sized competitors.

This Mavic Pro Bundle sells on amazon for just $1,299 and includes extra batteries, extra propellers, charging hubs, a car charger, a battery to power bank adaptor and a shoulder bag. This bundle will make the most adventurous travelers in your life squeal with excitement.


The Jord Wood Watch

Wooden Watch

I love my new Dark Sandalwood and Smoke watch made by Jord for its ability to seamlessly integrate into our life of outdoor adventure without compromising on sophistication. We admire Jord’s heavy focus on sustainability and love the eco-design of a classy wooden watch. Not to mention, this watch is perfect for any traveller headed to humid, wet places. While it’s not 100% water-proof, it is splash-proof, meaning the humid air of a tropical rainforest, or a surprise rainstorm won’t ruin your new Jord watch.


The ALALA Bondi Jumpsuit

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.56.03 AM

This cute, versatile outfit is perfect for comfy travel wear, yet can be spruced up with a bit of accessorizing for a day of exploring once you arrive. Anything that is both comfortable and fashionable is an ideal situation for a traveler. Act fast– this awesome jumpsuit is on its final holiday sale for 1/4th its original price!


With just two weeks until Christmas, it’s time for all us procrastinating shoppers out there to get a move on these holiday sales before they are all gone. Any item from this list is sure to put a smile on a travel lover’s face and coin you as the best gift giver of the family. ;-)


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