Loud alarms, people chattering and flashing bright lights – all these make the perfect recipe for drawing people like bugs to the light! All these are strategic components used by casinos to attract people to their offerings. Although you can never guarantee sure-shot wins in gambling, there are some tips you can always benefit from while gambling at the cruise ship casinos.

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Avoid playing slot machines

Cruise lines are not in the business of handing out free money to their customers. Rather they are in it to make profit. Although slot machines in these cruise ship casinos seem a lot of fun, they offer the lowest chance of winning compared to the table games. However, don’t refrain from indulging in these slots if you feel luck is really on your side! But then don’t hesitate from walking away while you’re sufficiently ahead/behind.


Pay heed to the location of the slot machine

If at all you play these slot games, please note, their location matters a lot. You’d hardly hear slot machines in the rear corners going off frequently. It’s the machines that are situated in the middle area of a casino, on the ends, that get hit the most or make maximum noise (as everyone tends to walk by them). Casinos are always trying to draw more and more number of people in and what better way than making their most visible slot machines showcase some nice hits.


Avoid getting drunk

You wouldn’t want to wake up bankrupt with plenty of regrets the next morning. Although drinking and gambling both deliver a lot of fun, you should be constantly on guard regarding your drinks. Drinking often makes people carefree and it isn’t uncommon for them to lose track of the amount they’ve bet. It’s not without any reason that big casino establishments offer free drinks to their patrons.


Start with minimum bets

If you’re keen on making some good money playing at these casinos, but don’t have wads of notes to play with, it would be in your best interest to start with minimum bets, just to test your luck. Please note, you might still hit those jackpots playing minimum bets. If not, you’d at least get to play more and have an extended period of enjoyment.


Know when to walk away

Every gambler is hounded by that feeling of ‘what if’ whenever he/she gets up from a slot machine or a gambling table. What if the next spin hits the jackpot for me? What if the next game recovers all my losses? We are always chasing more and more money. Well, you might be in for a chance to hit big, but there’s also a higher chance of knocking yourself further into negative. You must accept your losses and get up when you have already lost/won enough.