If money is the thing holding you back from booking a cruise for your next holiday, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are plenty of bargains to be had by snagging last minute cruise deals. It is often possible to find exclusive deals and great prices in the days and weeks leading up to departure, as the cruise lines would rather sell you a cabin at a highly discounted rate than let it go empty.

Is there a catch?

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, you have nothing to worry about. Making some money is better for the cruise line than making none at all, and whilst they will be hoping that you spend some of the money you save whilst on-board the ship, it is entirely up to you whether you do this or not.

Where can a last minute cruise take you?

As cruising is becoming an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday, it is possible to take a cruise almost anywhere in the world. Last minute cruise deals departing the UK to destinations such as the Mediterranean or Canary Islands are often easy to find. Last minute cruises to global destinations are also available, however as these often involve flying to your point of departure, the savings are not always quite as large.

If you have decided on a cruise holiday but have not yet picked a destination, Lonely Planet have a number of great articles, such as ‘Five travel adventures by cruise ship’ which will help you pick the right cruise adventure for you. If you are unsure on the idea of cruising, there are often last minute deals available for mini cruises, travelling to destinations such as The Netherlands, France and Belgium for 2 or 3 nights, which will give you a taste of what cruising is like.

Why choose a cruise holiday?

If you are budget conscious, a cruise holiday is a great choice, as you know exactly how much it is going to cost you before you go, as the price of transport, accommodation, food, drink and entertainment are all included.

Cruises are also a great way to experience several cities or countries, without the hassle of lugging your bags around between hotels, trains and airports. It is a great way of getting a flavour for a city, and many people choose to go back to places they have visited whilst cruising, either as a separate holiday, or as part of a subsequent cruise itinerary.