If you’ve ever traveled with friends or family, you’ll know it’s always full of laughs, adventures, and inevitably, the odd argument. It’s hard to please everyone at all times so, at some point, you will have to choose between doing what you want, or going along with the crowd.

Unless… you consider simply splitting off from the group. Any location you choose should offer plenty of options for things to do, see and eat. So the key to keeping everyone happy is to list alternative activities.

Consider this: one day you all drive to the beach but two people don’t like the sun, and one is desperate to get some exercise in. The two that aren’t interested in sunbathing may enjoy visiting a spa with a beach view or a bar with hammocks in the shade, while the sportaholic can switch their flip-flops for flippers and go snorkeling; swimming is an excellent all-body workout.

Another scenario might involve several people visiting a waterpark on the outskirts of a city: maybe not everyone wants to get their hair wet so if you plan a stop at a nearby shopping outlet, with a bowling alley or cinema, you can offer two alternative plans for people to choose from.

Planning in this way gives every traveler in your group the possibility of choosing what they prefer to do, so the complaints will be minimal if nill.

It’s also hard to displease people with luxury and comfort, so choosing a quality hotel or resort will at least ensure everyone has a great night’s sleep and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Those that know of our belief that you can get the most out of life with an adventurous holiday, without sacrificing style and comfort in the process, will understand why we recommend you experience life at Finest Resorts.

At Finest Resorts, activities vary from spas, yachting, water sports, golf courses, private Jacuzzis to plenty of activities for kids including even yoga classes and an open library. They can also have a go at kayaking and archery. The range of choice on site means even less planning is necessary for trips, so even if someone isn’t interested in the day’s activity, they have a wealth of things to do without even hailing a taxi. It’s unusual to find so many options at one resort.

It can also be more tiring if people don’t have any downtime or space to themselves, so always plan this for any group of friends or family. If you’re not used to traveling together a lot, it’s easiest to simply ask people whether they would like to make plans every day and evening. Most of us have an idea of how much personal space we need!

Lastly, don’t stress about keeping everyone happy. Once you’ve done your best, offered alternatives, and even planned with them in mind, even if they aren’t keen on the activities you’ve suggested, they will appreciate the thought you put into your planning.