Within just the last few years, there has been an interesting shift in the luxury travel sector that could transform the landscape for the way in which people vacation in the near future. Previously, luxury travel has revolved around travelling to exotic destinations around the world or setting sail in a glamorous yacht, but now people are beginning to turn their attention to the skies for high-end holidaying.


Private Jet Chartering

Soaring through the sky on a private jet may seem exclusively for the rich and famous, but this is no longer the case. This is due to the rise in private jet chartering, which has led to a decline in individuals owning their own jets. Similar to how Uber has revolutionised the roads and fewer people are owning automobiles, private jet chartering looks to be the future of luxury travel and it is much more affordable than you might think.


Uber for the Sky

Many different companies are now offering private jet chartering. Some offer a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee and can fly wherever and whenever you’d like. If you are a regular flyer or make a lot of business trips, this could prove to be an extremely cost effective method of transportation. Alternatively, companies like Fly Victor provide an “on demand” service where you can pay a one-time fee for a flight to a destination of your choosing. In many cases, this service will also enable you to select the type of jet and tailor your trip to your needs.


The Experience

The experience of flying in a private jet is quite extraordinary and highly indulgent. Not only do you get the pleasure of boarding an aircraft solely for your party and get privacy and quiet throughout the flight, but you can also enjoy the high life with champagne, fantastic service, plenty of space, luxury facilities and a unique flying experience. If you are looking to arrive at your destination in style, this is certainly the way to do it.


Whilst this still remains a relatively expensive way to travel, it is easy to see private jet chartering become more and more affordable in the near future. It is a relatively new way to travel, but as more holidaymakers and businesses use the service and an increasing amount of companies begin to operate in the market, it will see the prices drop. This will be the future of luxury travel in the near future and an experience that is quite unlike any other form of travel.