Jet Skiing Tour in Costa Rica

Jet Skiing in Manuel Antonio was some of the most fun we’ve had since moving to Costa Rica.

Dan has a bit of jet skiing experience, but for both of us, it was downright exhilarating to spend a morning out on the picture-perfect waves. Manuel Antonio seems to be every tourist’s favorite spot in Costa Rica, and now we finally understand why so many travelers take to the shores of the national park each year.

We have friends and family visiting us over the next few months, and this is at the top of our list of personal recommendations for everyone.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you’re absolutely going to love jet skiing in Manuel Antonio:


1. The Exhilaration


Jet Skiing Tour in Costa Rica


If you’ve ever been jet skiing before, then you know just how adrenaline-pumping it is. But what’s even better, just about anyone (even kids) can do it!

This was my first-time jet skiing. I started off a little shaky navigating the waves, but after a few minutes of practice, I was catching air like everyone else.

If you’re the type that isn’t too keen on adventures like waterfall repelling or ziplining, but you still want to infuse a little adrenaline into your vacation, this is the one for you. Jet skiing is also an awesome option for the whole family. The tour agency we chose to go through was Manuel Antonio Jet Ski.

If you bring your family or gather a group of friends, they will work to send out a private tour with just you and your loved ones. MA Jet Ski said they find that most families that jet ski through them come back at least one more time before the end of their vacation because their kids just can’t stop talking about it. Seeing as how we’re already planning our next jet ski adventure, we can’t blame them!


Jet Skiing in Costa Rica


The tour with MA Jet Ski lasted around 2 hours, making it the perfect way to start off our day in Manuel Antonio. The adrenaline and adventure spiked our energy and left us buzzing with excitement for the rest of the day.


2. The Beautiful Views


Jet Skiing in Costa Rica A Cruising Couple


I would claim that jet skiing in Manuel Antonio is one of the best ways to capture the beauty of the national park.

Being out on the water gives you the advantage of capturing the magnificence of the coastline. Hiking and exploring by foot are great ways to see the details of the beauty on the ground, but getting out far enough to see the big picture is something you’ll never forget.

You’ll be jet skiing through the waters of the Manuel Antonio National Parkrated by Forbes as one of the 12 most beautiful national parks in the world.

Although the park is relatively small, it’s packed with biodiversity. You can see both the two-toed and three-toed sloths, endangered squirrel monkeys, and hundreds of different animal, insect, and plant species. Not to even mention, the vastly diverse animals and plants found within the sea. From sea turtles to whales and dolphins, to a tremendous fish populationthis place will knock you off your feet with the amount of life that vibrates through this relatively small area.

The fact that the Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the beach makes it particularly notable. Not too many national parks offer you a land and sea experience. Finish off your day by lounging around on the pristine sand or taking the coast by horseback.


3. The Opportunity To Jet Ski With A Whale or Dolphin!


Humpback Whale Watching Costa Rica


Yes, you heard that correctly.

Guests that plan to jet ski during a whale migration season may get the incredible opportunity of jet skiing along these magnificent creatures. Unfortunately, we jet skied during the very end of whale migration and didn’t get to see them this time. But Manuel Antonio Jet Ski features pictures and experiences of its guests who have had the chance to see humpback whales and dolphins up close while they were cruising alongside them!   Twice each year, Humpback Whales migrate through Costa Rica’s southern waters. You can see these species every July through November, and December through April.

Additionally, many species of dolphins live in the waters near Manuel Antonio all year long, while the spinner and common dolphin migrate through Costa Rica every December through March.


4. The Best People


Jet Skiing in Manuel Antonio National Park


When going on tours like this, one of the factors that makes the biggest difference in your experience is the staff.   Manuel Antonio Jet Ski had a phenomenal team, and our tour guide made us feel confident and comfortable right from the start. At the beginning of our journey, I found myself trailing behind a bit, struggling to keep the jet ski on-course. Our tour guide stopped and turned around, and gave me a good little pep talk and some tips. 

The staff boasted exceptional professionalism and knowledge. This is huge when choosing a tour for anything you do. You want to choose professionals that will do what’s needed to make you feel safe and well prepared so you can start actually having fun.


5. Some Seriously Awesome Snorkeling


Mid-tour, we took a pause to swim and snorkel! Manuel Antonio Jet Ski provided us with the snorkeling equipment and even some fish food. There were tons of different types of fish to see, and they came right up to us. It added some extra fun mid-tour and gave us a chance to swim and just enjoy the beauty that surrounded us.


Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica


Jet Skiing was genuinely some of the most fun we’ve had in Costa Rica so far—which says a lot considering there are tons of awesome things to do here. We recommend a tour with Manuel Antonio Jet Ski as a great way to explore one of the most beautiful corners of Costa Rica, while infusing your vacation with adventure anyone can take part in.


Have you been jet skiing before?

We would love for you to share your experience and tips in the comments below!
We were guests of Manuel Antonio Jet Ski. Since then we’ve been back for tons more action because we love it so much! As always, we only share travel brands we know and love. 


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