If you want to have an unusual and memorable holiday, consider seeing the deserts. This will be a great alternative to crowded beaches of chaotic cities. It is a totally different world, especially because of the serenity that you can experience. You may be in isolation, but there is surely never a shortage of activities to enjoy.



When you speak of going on holiday to Dubai, many would most probably mention its iconic beach, man-made islands, humongous malls, and thrilling theme parks, among others. If you want a different way to enjoy this holiday destination, you should definitely head to the desert.

While you will have tons of options when it comes to desert accommodation in Dubai, one that will be worth checking out is the Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, which provides the perfect way to experience the magical dunes. You will be living in tent-style suites that are reflective of luxury. You will even have your own pool in the middle of the desert!

Desert Palm is another top choice for amazing desert accommodations in Dubai. Its chic interior is surely going to captivate your attention and will make you wish to stay longer. It has 38 well-appointed rooms and pool villas.



Exotic – this is one of the things that can describe this destination. From its colorful souks to its historical architectures, Visiting Morocco will leave you in awe. For the best of the country, make sure to experience the Sahara Desert.

Among others, one of the top picks for accommodations is the Auberge Café du Sud. They have bedrooms that open up to the expansive garden. If you want to experience something that is unique, you might want to try staying in one of their desert tents. Their amazing swimming pool is also a nice feature.

Le Berbere Palace will also be a promising option when looking for lavish accommodations. This 5-star hotel embodies traditional Kasbah style. It is made with accent pieces and furniture that are made by local craftsmen, which is reflective of genuine artistry.



One of the rising destinations globally, Oman is one of the hidden gems waiting to be explored. Before it becomes a tourist hotspot, visit it while you can still enjoy its tranquility. Like its neighbors, it is also famed for its splendid and peaceful deserts.

Desert Nights Camp is one of the luxurious choices for top-notch accommodations in the country. This is the sole luxury desert camp in the country. You can choose from 30 tents, but you will surely be surprised with how elaborate and lavish they are, making you sleep in comfort at the middle of the desert.

Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa is another institution when it comes to desert accommodations in the country. It is an expansive complex that is home to the different hotels – The Oasis, The Town, and The Castle. Regardless of which one you choose, all rooms are decorated to reflect traditional Arabian style.