Sunday Snapshot Moroccan Sunrise


Spending a night with the Berbers in the Sahara Desert in Morocco was one of the most interesting travel experiences I have ever had. Riding through the pitch black night on a camel to our oasis, eating traditional food while watching the Berbers dance and sing and sleeping outside in the middle of December was so cool! The best part though was being able to wake up to literally the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen. Our hike to the big dune in front of our oasis started in the dark. Once there we watched the sand change colors from grey to bright red before the sun popped over the horizon. When it did we were immediately rewarded with warmth on our faces and some amazing pictures!


Allison BAllison traded the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for the sun and sandy beaches of Valencia, Spain. She loves all things food and travels whenever she can get. During her free time you can find her wandering around the city markets with her camera. Check out her adventures at:


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