Yogyakarta? There are many exciting things to do there. What can you enjoy when you are there with your partner or family? Where to stay and which travel agency to choose?


Sumur Gumuling

Sumur Gumuling in English means Gumuling Well, so yes ithe focus is the well called Gumuling which is located below a mosque in Yogyakarta. This is the most unforgettable mosque you will ever see in the world. The Moslims pray there with the leader with an echoing voice. Interestingly, they don’t need a microphone to echo the voice as the design of the mosque enables the echoing. Men pray in an upper level of the mosque, whereas women do the same activity in a lower level. Below, you can find the well, Sumur Gumuling, which you may capture and upload. In the past, the well was used by people to clean themselves before praying and recently there were prewedding photos taken there. So, it must be very a very cool well and worth seeing.



Do you know the best place to visit in Yogyakarta, where everything is affordable but also worth trying? Malioboro is one of the best places to visit especially in the evening. What does it offer? There are plenty of traditional clothes, bags, accessories, jewelries, shoes and foods to enjoy. Yes, all items and foods you see represent the Javanese culture and Yogyakarta is a city of Javanese culture. Malioboro sells clothes with unique Batik designs and various beautiful colours. You can also purchase traditional dolls called wayang. Children will love these dolls as the dolls’ arms and legs can be easily moved by using sticks attached to them.



The Foods

Holiday actually involves eating or trying a variety of different foods. Yogyakarta has a lot of affordable and delicious foods to try. If you are planning to visit Yogyakarta, eating some ‘gudeg’ is recommended. This spicy food which contains a plate of  rice and a bowl stew (of chicken, tofu, beans and a cow’s skin mixed with coconut milk and chilly paste) is the most popular food in Central Jawa and Yogyakarta.  You can also buy some very crunchy crisps made from a cow’s skin. Adults and children love this snack from time to time.


The Best Hotel

There are many great hotels, but  Grand Aston Hotel Yogyakarta, is absolutely advised because of the luxury and peacefulness it offers. You will be amazed by the elegant design of the bedrooms and fancy restaurants. There is nothing wrong spending a little more money, isn’t it? After working very hard, it’s time you enjoyed the luxurious holiday.

Grand Hotel


The Right Travel Agency

Finally, you will need some help from a very good travel agency to book your hotel room. Why don’t you contact Traveloka, the most popular and the cheapest travel agency? Do it from the comfort of your own bedroom by searching online for Traveloka. All pieces of  information about the hotel, including the price per night, the facilities and the kinds of bedroom are available there.  This travel agency is well-known for its commitment to serve its customers and the cheapest cost service, therefore go for it.