Best Views Las Vegas Strip


The famous Las Vegas Strip is the 4-mile span of resorts and casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard South. Over half of the world’s largest hotels are located along the strip, creating an impressive scene of architecture, flashy lights, and towering buildings.


Scouring out the best place to view all of this thrilling life and energy can prove difficult. These 5 spots are sure to provide an unforgettable view of this world-famous street.


5 Epic Places For Incredible View Of The Las Vegas Strip


The Stratosphere’s Top Of The World Restaurant


The Stratosphere hotel and casino is the top-of-the-line location for fine dining with a view. It’s located on the Northern area of the Strip and offers its visitors everything from performances to amusement park style rides, beautiful hotel rooms, and a happy hour like no other. Venture to the uppermost room in the tower for excellent dining at the Top Of The World Restaurant. It revolves a full 360-degrees every 80 minutes–giving you the ultimate view of the Las Vegas Strip.


The Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Las Vegas rises 460 feet above the ground. In addition to a jaw-dropping view of the skyline, the observation deck provides 360-degree views of the Las Vegas strip. It’s open 7 days a week between 9:30 am and 12:30 am. Admission during the day is $10, and $15 after 7:30 pm. Staff provide knowledgeable tidbits for the inquisitive traveler, and a few stories down, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant provides a romantic atmosphere for a night of perfection.


The Voodoo Steak House


There’s a reason why this restaurant is one of the most popular places to go for a view of the Strip. It’s located just off the Strip, giving visitors the rare opportunity of getting the view from a vantage point that provides a more completed picture of the boulevard.


The Lago at Bellagio


The second-best thing to dining in the Eiffel tower is dining with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Opt for dinner on the Patio, or next to their floor-to-ceiling stretch of windows, and you’ll be dining with an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower, the Bellagio Fountains, and the rest of the Las Vegas Strip. Dive into delicious Italian food to complete the European feel.


The Mandalay Bay


This casino hotel is well-known for its luxurious amenities and stunning Strip views. Choose a room with a view of the strip, and you’ll be waking up and going to bed with the symphony of a million lights. The hotel offers an 11-acre beach and pool, complete with a lazy river and shark aquarium. The only thing that could make witnessing the beauty of the Strip any better would be witnessing it day in and day out from the comfort of your bedroom.


Don’t want to travel all the way to Las Vegas to get in on the entertainment? The Sky Vegas Casino provides a glimpse of the Las Vegas fun from your very own home. Or, ready to go to Las Vegas now, but need help deciding what to do? Check out our complete list of what to do in Las Vegas, as well as, this awesome post by National Geographic on free things to do in Las Vegas. Who said a trip to Vegas has to put you in debt for years to come?


A trip to Las Vegas is the getaway of a lifetime, which is why it’s no surprise that so many tourists take to the streets each year. The Las Vegas Strip flaunts some of the most spectacle views within this city of grandeur, making a trip to Vegas flat-out incomplete without seeing it for yourself.


Have you ever seen the Las Vegas Strip? Where did you go for the view? Share your tips in the comments below!