Whether you’re a gambler or not, Las Vegas is a destination that’s sure to please. One of our favorite stops on our honeymoon road trip across the United States, we found Las Vegas had so much more to offer than we had originally expected, in large part due to Hollywood portrayals of debauchery and little else. But the truth of the matter is that with world-class dining, man-made and natural wonders, adventure, luxury, and entertainment, there’s a little something for everyone in this desert oasis.

What to Do in Las Vegas

  Visit the Casinos  

It’s a given that you must visit a casino while in Las Vegas. You don’t have to gamble; the spectacles of the themed hotels are worth the visit and subsequent photo shots alone. Just to get an idea, the Paris boasts the Eiffel Tower, the MGM Grand has lions, the Bellagio has the famed water show, and—our personal favorite—The Venetian will transport you to the canals and waterways of Venice, Italy. Many of the hotels have great shopping and art exhibits inside. If you are a gambler (we always fancy a game of roulette) then you’ll have no problem passing the evening. We prefer the Las Vegas casinos to those in Macau, largely in part because participants in the casinos get free drinks and alcohol. If you gamble responsibly, you won’t spend that much money on an entire evening of entertainment.

Bellagio Las Vegas

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas  

Visit A Show  

Vegas is commonly referred to as ‘Sin City’—which we encourage you not to take too literally—but it is also known as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. One of the highlights of our weekend was having the opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere. We have always been huge Cirque du Soleil fans. The acrobatics, humor, live music, and audience involvement go above and beyond every time. But Cirque du Soleil is just one of the many shows to choose from, with other options including Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, and Absinthe. Additionally, we’ve heard great things about Blue Man Group, which will likely be our next show of choice.

Tour The Hoover Dam

You can’t visit Vegas without stopping at this man-made wonder. We recommend combining adventure and class (our two favorite things) with a Pink Jeep Hoover Dam Tour. Don’t worry—if pink isn’t your color, there are other luxurious vehicle options to choose from. With panoramic windows, this is a great way to take plenty of photographs of the Hoover Dam and surrounding natural landscape. If you’re traveling on a budget, it’s easy to take a day trip to Hoover Dam with your own vehicle. Just follow the signs, park in the parking lot, and get up and personal with the dam.

Red Rock Canyon

It’s no wonder why Red Rock Canyon is ranked number 17 out of nearly 600 things to do in Las Vegas. This natural attraction is truly spectacular, attracting rock climbers from around the world. While we didn’t get to go climbing ourselves, we did leave time for hiking and a picnic through the conservation area. The large red and white rock formations and sandstone peaks are definitely a must for any outdoor enthusiast. You can make the outing as adventurous as you wish. It’s possible to go on your own, but there are also many tour groups willing to take you out.   These are just a few options to get you excited for your Las Vegas adventure.


So tell us – what’s on your Las Vegas itinerary?