Best Sunset in Santorini


Even before we arrived in Santorini, we knew Oia was a hotspot. All of the iconic photos you imagine Santorini to be are taken in this area. It is also to closest spot you can get to see the sunset. What we discovered, however, is that everyone on the island wants that same iconic view just as the sun hits the horizon, and the small twisting alleyways become more crowded than Times Square itself!

We spent a week on the island giving us ample time to explore other sunset spots. The only spot we watched the sunset from twice and our overall favorite was the view from the quiet town of Imerovigli. The stunning cliffs of the caldera in the foreground extend all the way to Oia while the sunset falls perfectly between to islands. We had dinner reservations at Above Blue Suites as guests of Gastronomy Santorini and highly recommend getting a table for two during the sunset hour.


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