Tuscany Vineyards


Where was the last place that you traveled that made you feel giddy? I don’t mean like it blew your mind or made you feel a million miles away, but a place that made you so excited that you just couldn’t sit still. When we were in Greece just a few weeks ago, the views of Santorini blew my mind and rock climbing on Kalymnos made me feel a million miles away. Tuscany makes us giddy.

While driving through the countryside of Chianti with vineyards and rolling hills all around, gelato in hand we can’t help but have a silly grin plastered across our faces. Many of the shops and wineries we walk into don’t speak English, which we find incredibly charming and equally entertaining. In every town there seems to be castles that nobody looks twice at because there are massive chateaus and ancient walled cities all over the region. Living la dolce vita (the sweet life), much like the pura vida of Costa Rica, is a lifestyle we can get with.

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