When planning any trip to Scandinavia, one is simply spoilt for choice. However, if it is stunning scenery and something a little different you are after, and then look no further than Norway’s fjords. To be specific a cruise up the fjord land aboard a prestigious ‘Hurtigruten’ cargo ship. This really is a trip with a difference. Travellers have the high-class comfort expected aboard a cruise ship, with the added benefit of travelling along a delivery route and stopping off at many hidden gems on the way into the Arctic Circle. Not to put too fine a point on it; but waking up and looking through a porthole to see a glacier or, sitting in a jacuzzi watching a sun that never sets remain on the horizon is a truly unforgettable experience! Below are some recommended places and attractions to make your trip through the Norwegian fjords as spectacular as possible!



As Norway’s second largest city, Bergen marks the start point of some of the summer fjord land cruises with the Hurtigruten. If you have a chance to explore the city before leaving the docks, there are some great cost-free attractions. Ask any locals and they will tell you to head straight to the fish markets. Open daily between 7am and 7pm in summer Bergen has Norway’s best-known fish market. The sheer variety and quantity of seafood on display here is mesmerising! Once you have had enough of the smell of fish you can also explore ‘Bryggen’, a Unesco World Heritage site, wharf that will whet your appetite for more of Norway’s beauty.



Trondheim is a beautiful and historic chocolate box of a town. Tucked in behind Norway’s third longest fjord, this town is definitely worth a day excursion. The architecture here is simply stunning, with particular sights not to be missed including the ‘Nidaros Cathedral’. Dated from as early as 1070, this cathedral marks a holy sanctuary of Norway. As a result many Norwegians and foreigners alike choose to come and be wed in the picturesque surroundings. Perfect for couples, this beautiful town truly does have an air of romance!



Welcome to Lapland! Home of Christmas in the Arctic Circle! However, even on a summer visit this town still has many exciting things on offer, which go beyond even reindeer spotting! One stand out event has to be visiting the ‘husky safaris’. Here you can pet husky puppies and see how they are trained. In winter, I believe it is even possible to ride on a husky-pulled sled, though for this taking out some appropriate travel insurance is of course necessary!

Essentially, it is down to each individual to make this trip their own, selecting a cruise with stops to suit your own preferences. What is clear however is that with such raw natural beauty, a trip to Norway has something for everyone and is not to be missed out on. So get planning your trip now!