After only two and a half weeks, Dan and I came to the same conclusion: Norway is easily one of the most beautiful countries we have ever visited. Having traveled to over thirty countries together, we feel like that’s saying a lot. But don’t take our word for it—let these Norway pictures speak for themselves!

But first, an introduction to Norway. 

Norway is an outdoor lover’s paradise. The scenery in Norway is dramatic, mainly because it is a land of fjords; the staggering juxtaposition between the snowy mountains and crystal clear water never gets old. But the beauty isn’t only for a single snapshot—it envelops you, extending on for as far as the eye can see. In Norway, you’re immersed entirely in the magnificence of nature. From imposing glaciers to rugged coastlines to vibrant green mountains, the undeniable allure of Norway seems too good to be true at times. 

Norway’s villages and towns are just as charming, with their colorful wooden houses, pedestrian-only streets, chic cafes, and distinctly cool cosmopolitan flair.

You can read more about Norway in our other details blog posts, including travel guides to the Lofoten Islands (an unmissable paradise in the Arctic)Bergen and Trondheim, and iconic Pulpit Rock. But before you start planning your ultimate Norway travel itinerary, we wanted to get you excited with a bit of eye candy. We’re relatively sure it will make you want to get on a plane for Norway today.


35 Norway Pictures That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags Now


Fjords and blue lake in northern Norway

Ice-capped mountains in Norway

Mountains in The Lofoten Islands with a yellow boat in the water, Norway

A rainbow in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, with a red fisherman cabin

Red fisherman cabins in the Lofoten Islands Norway

Colorful wooden houses on the water in Trondheim Norway

Colorful wooden houses in Trondheim Norway

a collage of photos of Trondheim Norway including a man playing accordion and a cathedral

reflection of mountains in Norway

A Norway picture of a red cabin on an island

Driving in Norway past mountains and lakes

The Lofoten Islands Norway

Sunset at Narvik Norway

Norway reflections

Mountain reflections in water in Norway

colorful houses in Bergen Norway

snowcapped mountain in Norway

snowy glaciers in Norway

sunset in Lofoten Islands Norway

a boat sailing in Norway

rocky coastline of Norway

hiking pulpit rock in Norway

the view from the top of Pulpit Rock

green pasture in countryside of Norway

sheep in a pasture

gazing out at the view at the top of Pulpit Rock

enjoying the view at the top of Pulpit Rock Norway

highland cattle resting in a field


So after looking at all these photos of Norway, what’s stopping you from visiting? And if it’s because you think it’s too expensive, then don’t miss our post: How to travel Norway on a budget. Yes, Norway is expensive, but don’t let that keep you from exploring this paradise!


What do you think of these Norway pictures? Are your bags packed yet?


35 Photos Of Norway That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Now