Foie gras

I’ll be honest.  I had absolutely no idea what foie gras was before going to France. But when we arrived in the country, we began to see the French delicacy everywhere – on menus, in macarons, in the freezer section… So eventually we ordered a small portion of foie gras to try for ourselves, still not really knowing what it was we were eating, but that it came paired with brie, apple chutney and some greens. After a few hesitant bites, we found the foie gras rich and creamy, with a strong buttery taste. If it wasn’t for the odd texture, we might have actually enjoyed it.

It wasn’t until later that we did a bit of research and discovered the controversy that surrounds this dish. Foie gras is fattened duck or goose liver, achieved by force-feeding the animals. Animal activists say it’s cruel. Anthony Bourdain says it’s not. The French government says “Foie gras belongs to the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France.” We fall somewhere in the middle, though we likely won’t be ordering it for ourselves again.

What do you think about foie gras? Have you ever tried it?

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