Cruises are the ultimate vacation for the modern family and groups of any size. There’s literally something for everyone. Offering a wide variety of locations, activities, and experiences, cruises are great for those of us who want to see as much of the world as possible but don’t want the hassle of planning the logistics of several trips!

There are a lot of options and packages related to cruises.  Different areas of the world, lodgings, and companies can be difficult to sift through.  In this article, there are examples of the best cruises in several different locales.  In other words, there is something here for everybody!

Note:  As of 11/24/20, the coronavirus is still an issue.  Unfortunately, not only does this limit what excursions are available, its effects on the travel industry can be unpredictable.  If you’re planning your trip far in advance, circumstances may change rapidly.  Always make sure you understand the refund policy of your package before purchasing it.

Additionally, even if the cruise is able to continue, coronavirus can affect planned offshore activities that incur additional charges.  Make sure you understand the liabilities inherent in these as well as the entire cruise itself.  In other words, you should look into travel insurance. 

Finally, the prices listed here often fluctuate.  They are just to give a relative sense of the price of each package.

The Ultimate Australian Vacation: 7 Day Southern Australian Explorer

Starting Price $969
Ports Visited Melbourne, AU -> Adelaide, AU -> Port Lincoln, AU -> Kangaroo Island, AU -> Phillip Island, AU
Onboard Activities Fine Dining, Sports, Pool, Casino, Live Performances, Spa, Youth Programs
Offshore Activities Guided city tours, Wildlife parks, Dolphin cruise, Off-road quad biking, Koala walk, Helicopter ride
Round Trip or One Way Round Trip

If you want to explore the Southern Australian coast, look no further than the Princess Cruise line’s 7 Day Southern Australian Explorer.  In just seven days, they’ve packed five ports in a round trip package, complete with wildlife excursions and city exploration!

Tons of Dining Options

You’ll be onboard the Sapphire Princess, a large cruise liner with quite a bit to offer.  Their biggest selling point is food and dining.

From elite sit down restaurant-style fare, to gastropubs, to snacks for the whole family, the dining experience on the Sapphire Princess won’t leave you hungry.

Endless Activities for the Whole Family

However, there is quite a bit to do on board besides eat.  The Sapphire Princess offers a swimming pool, casino gaming, and a spa for those looking to unwind.  Live performances are also commonplace, including musical performances and live theatre.

Finally, if you have children traveling with you, the Sapphire princess offers programs for all ages.  From educational entertainment to opportunities to meet live animals, your kids won’t want for things to do before they go onshore!

Speaking of onshore, this cruise offers varied supplemental packages at each port.  At city destinations, like Adelaide and Melbourne, you can purchase anything from guided tours of the city to a visit to nearby wildlife parks.

Additionally, there is even an option to purchase a guided tour in a private vehicle, making the experience more convenient and comfortable for you and your family.

At destinations like Kangaroo Island and Phillip Island, the offshore activities are more likely to be nature hikes and wildlife experiences.  For example, Kangaroo Island has a thriving seal population on the beaches, which are the center of several different excursions.

You can observe them from a distance, or you can even walk on the beach with them!

Overall, the 7 Day Southern Australian Explorer package is a great way to see one of the most scenic areas in the world.  It has a little something for everyone. Whether you want a city excursion, a hike into pristine nature, or just a day at the spa, this package is a great option for you and your family!

The Ultimate Caribbean Vacation: 7 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise

Starting Price $679
Ports Visited San Juan, PR -> Aruba -> Curacao -> Bonaire -> Saint Kitts
Onboard Activities Arcade, Sauna, Basketball court, Library, Movie Theatre, Piano Bar
Onshore Activities Snorkeling, Beach, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Kitesurfing
Round Trip or One Way Round Trip

Celebrity Cruises’ 7 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise is a great way for you and your whole family to experience the best the southern Caribbean has to offer.

The Celebrity Summit has excellent amenities, especially for those who want to take advantage of their vacation to get some exercise.  In terms of excursions, this package offers excellent watersports options.

World-Class Fitness and Spas Onboard

The Celebrity Summit was built in 2001, but its state of the art facilities will make sure you forget the ship is twenty years old.

Most notable are its exercise facilities, including a running track, a sauna, nutritionists available for consultation, and even a full basketball court!

Options for Adults Only

If you’re looking for a less active vacation, don’t sweat it!  The Celebrity Summit has amenities to suit your needs, including a cinema, a library, and a piano bar.  There is also gaming, both of the casino and the arcade variety!

Off-Board Excursions

However, the real fun begins when you step off the boat. You’re in the Caribbean, and there is a wide variety of water sports available.  Ever wanted to parasail?  You can do that!

Want to get close to ocean wildlife?  Snorkeling and scuba diving are available!  Would you like to see that wildlife from a distance?  Try one of their glass bottom kayaks!

If you are looking for a less active excursion, there are a variety available in the ports themselves.  From guided city tours to wine tastings to exhibitions of historical landmarks, your time off of The Celebrity Summit can be as relaxing as your time on it!

Overall, the Celebrity Summit offers quite a bit for anyone looking for a relaxing, enriching education.  However, if you’re the sort of person who spends their vacation restless, unsure of how to use your newfound free time, this is the cruise for you.

With exquisite exercise facilities on the ship and lots of Hiking and water sports available off of it, even the most hyperactive adventurer will have no trouble finding a way to tucker themselves out!

The Ultimate Alaskan Vacation: 7 Night Alaska Cruise from Seattle

Starting Price $944
Ports Visited Seattle, WA -> Ketchikan, AK -> Dawes Glacier -> Juneau, AK -> Skagway, AK -> Victoria, B.C.
Onboard Activities Spa, Live entertainment, Grass lawn, Nightclubs and Bars
Onshore Activities Cultural tours, Natural history, Natural landmarks, Hiking
Round Trip or One Way Round Trip

Another Celebrity Cruise, this one takes you to scenic Alaska!  If you’re looking for picture-perfect glaciers and waterfalls, and maybe to practice your amateur photography, Alaskan cruises are for you.

Luxury for All Passengers

On Celebrity Solstice, you will be surrounded by luxury.  It contains all the standard cruise ship accouterment, like bars and nightclubs, but it also has some added bonuses.  Particularly of note is a real grass lawn.  If you find yourself missing land when at sea, you might find this helpful!

The restaurants are also excellent and extremely atmospheric.  The sit-down dining experience is paramount here, from the minimalistic Blu to the glittering chandeliers of Grand Epernay.  If you are looking for luxury, your trip on the Celebrity Solstice will satisfy.

One of a Kind Experiences on Shore

In terms of offshore activities, there are a variety of cultural and naturalistic options.  In Ketchikan, you can go canoeing or see a Native American Lumberjack show.  In Skagway, you can ride in an ATV or go rock climbing.

The Alaskan wilderness is beautiful and more accessible than ever, and the 7 Night Alaska Cruise from Seattle is a great way to experience it.

This package gives you the best of both worlds.  Onboard the Celebrity Solstice, you will experience an elegant atmosphere perfect for rejuvenating yourself.  Onshore, you will have the opportunity to experience the rugged Alaskan wilderness in a way few others will get to.  Balance is an important part of any vacation, and on the Celebrity Solstice, you can count on it!

The Ultimate Japanese Vacation: 7 Night Best of Japan Cruise

Starting Price $725
Ports Visited Shanghai -> Kobe -> Osaka -> Tokyo
Onboard Activities The observation deck, VR Bungee Trampoline, Robotic Bartenders
Onshore Activities City tours, Hot Spring bathhouses, Kobe Beef, Shopping
Round Trip or One Way Round Trip

This cruise is significantly different from the others on the list.  While Hiking is available onshore, and the landscape is truly gorgeous, this cruise’s focus is less natural and more cultural. Japan’s culture is vibrant and unique, full of incredible activities for an adventurer more interested in urban excursions.

State of the Art Technology

Before we get into the many things to do in japan, the cruise ship you’ll be traveling on is as unique as the onshore experience.  Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Spectrum of the Seas has some of the most intriguing technology on any cruise ship on this list.

First, it boasts The North Star, an observation deck that takes you 300 feet in the air, which allows you a truly spectacular vantage point of Japan’s coastline.  Next, the iFLY Ripcord is a realistic simulation of an exhilarating skydiving jump.

Between that and the VR bungee jump and the available robotic bartenders, Spectrum of the Seas truly feels like the cruise of the future and pushes the envelope of how technology can help us relax.

Family Fun

Beyond the tech, Spectrum of the Seas offers a wide variety of services and activities.  For more family-oriented fun, it features bumper cars and a water park.  For the adults, the Solarium is an indoor pool and spa, climate-controlled to be as rejuvenating as possible.

Now, that’s quite a bit to take in, and we haven’t even gotten to the onshore activities yet!  And rest assured, there is quite a bit to do.

The stop at Tokyo offers a straightforward city day.  The city is internationally acclaimed for its fine restaurants, shopping, and cultural center, and the day will likely fly by before you know it.

Experience Japan’s Culture

At smaller stops like Kobe and Osaka, you can experience more subdued cultural landmarks.  The hot water baths at Osaka, the result of natural hot springs, are locally renowned for medicinal properties.

Whether or not that’s true, it’s a proven fact that they’re relaxing.  And as far as Kobe goes, the famous Kobe beef that bears its name is probably the first thing most people associate with the region.  Most people say it is truly to die for, and exactly the kind of local delicacy you just can’t miss,

Japan is one of the greatest vacation spots in the world.  It offers truly unique experiences, but do keep in mind you won’t be getting as much opportunity to engage with nature as most typical cruises.

The Spectrum of the Seas is a cruise liner that fits this experience perfectly, offering state of the art, niche entertainment that you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else.

The Ultimate Seychelles Vacation: The Essential Seychelles

Starting Price $4,270
Ports Visited Victoria, Mahé -> Sainte Anne -> Curieuse -> Aride -> Grande Soeur -> Praslin -> La Digue
Onboard Activities Two restaurants, smaller and more exclusive yacht feel, spa
Onshore Activities Scuba Diving, Sainte Anne Marine National Park, Beach Visits
Round Trip or One Way Round Trip

Ponant’s Essential Seychelles package is a highly specialized cruise for several reasons.  The first and most obvious factor that makes the cruise exclusive is its price point.

Small Ship with Personalized Service

This becomes obvious when you take into account the fact that Le Bougainville only houses 184 passengers at a time, when most other cruise liners on this list easily carry upwards of two thousand.

This makes for a significantly different feel to the cruise while onboard.  Despite its much smaller size, Le Bougainville still offers quite a bit of luxury to its guests.

The cruise liner comes complete with two full restaurants, a pool, and a theatre.  The smaller amount of people on board lends itself to a more exclusive and more community-oriented feel without sacrificing too many amenities.

Seychelles Views

However, the real draw of the cruise is scenic Seychelles.  Located off the eastern coast of Africa, Seychelles offers gorgeous scenery and unique wildlife experiences to those who visit.

The cruise activities are very much nature-oriented, so prepare for a day at the beach, not so much a night on the town.

The single biggest draw of the cruise is the numerous activities to go scuba diving.  In fact, you will have the opportunity to do so at five out of nine stops on the cruise.

It is very important to note that cruises aboard Le Bougainville do *not* offer beginner diving.  In other words, if you want to take advantage of the superb diving opportunities offered by this cruise, make sure you’re an experienced diver with the proper documentation to prove it.

The Ultimate Greek Vacation: Treasures of the Greek Isles

Starting Price $3,499
Ports Visited Athens -> Mykonos -> Kusadasi -> Patmos -> Santorini -> Monemvasia -> Nafplio
Onboard Activities Fine dining, crew talent show, sailing, pool, snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding
Onshore Activities See the Parthenon, Delos Island tour, Holy Monastery of the Apocalypse, Beaches, Mycenaean ruins
Round Trip or One Way Round Trip

A Greek cruise is a perfect balance between a culturally enriching vacation and a day at the beach.

Experiences for History Buffs

Between the legendarily gorgeous Mediterranean climate and ancient ruins open to the public, if you only think you’ll even take one cruise, Windstar Cruises’ Treasures of the Greek Isles package is the one you should choose.

Ancient Greek artifacts and culture are on full display, from the Classical Greek Parthenon to the mysterious, ancient ruins of Mycenae, but that’s not all you’ll find.

Greece is rich in less ancient history as well!  Visit the Cave of the Apocalypse, where St. John wrote Revelations, or even the Hagia Sofia, a glorious church dating back to the Byzantine Empire.

Modern-Day Greek Culture

If you’re less historically minded, there will also be plenty for you to do.  Athens is a vibrant city with a thriving market, and the beaches of Greek are picturesque and relaxing.  Even while on board, there is a watersports platform!

When the ship is in port, you can use this to snorkel, kayak, even sailing isn’t off the table!  Greece is rich in history and culture, but this cruise is excellent for those looking for a more active vacation too.

Plenty to do On Board

The cruise liner itself comes equipped with many other options for entertainment and relaxation.  There are several dining options, most of the formal, and excellent options for tasting the Mediterranean.

There is also an emphasis on live performances with a special twist:  a crew talent show!  The crew puts on comedy skits, stand-up, live theatre performances, and anything else you could think of to entertain you!

The cruise liner also comes complete with standard cruise amenities, such as room service, a pool, hot tub, spa days, and yoga lessons.  However, the focus really should be on everything that makes this cruise unique.

From sailing the Greek ocean to visiting ancient ruins and religious sites, this cruise is the one you just can’t miss.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and explore this jewel of the Mediterranean!