Most cruise bookings include basic meals, admission to most onboard features, and even some beverages. But luxury cruise lines take all these benefits and takes them ten steps further. The seemingly limitless ocean ahead of you and the prospect of a spectacular trip filled with new destinations and views unlike any found on land

Luxury cruise lines are the best of the best that a vacation on the water can offer. Renowned cruise lines such as Crystal, Azamara, and Cunard go above and beyond the average cruise line, as demonstrated by their extravagant accommodations, highly personalized experiences, and unbeatable destinations.

To most, when you hear the word luxury, the first thing you think of is mass amounts of dollar signs. But, if you read on, you’ll learn why investing in a luxury cruise line is well worth the extra cash and more realistic of an option than you initially thought.

3 Best Luxury Cruises for your 5 Day Trip

There are a plethora of luxury cruise lines you could choose from for your brief but fulfilling vacation. These are the top 3 we recommend that demonstrate the most personable and intimate services with the best features, amenities, and cost inclusions.

Crystal Cruises

After 30 years of perfecting their luxury services, Crystal Cruises boasts some of the most acclaimed awards for “Best Medium-Ship” and “Best Small-Ship,” from Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards as well as Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best River Cruise Line.

Maintaining a 1:1.7 staff-to-passenger ratio guarantees that guest needs are always met immediately, and their experience is highly personalized and stress-free. Crystal Cruises also offers top-of-the-line features such as Michelin-inspired cuisine, their feng shui-inspired Crystal Life Spa, and exquisitely decorated penthouses and suites.

Ships and Cruise Types

Crystal Cruises owns some of the most awarded cruise ships that will take from the vastness of the ocean to the niche realms of countless rivers.

You also can board their luxurious yacht, which possesses limited space for a highly personable and private experience. Or you can traverse exclusive locations few can witness on their expedition ship.

  • Crystal Serenity (Ocean)
  • Crystal Symphony (Ocean)
  • Crystal Bach (River)
  • Crystal Debussy (River)
  • Crystal Mahler (River)
  • Crystal Ravel (River)
  • Crystal Esprit (Yacht)
  • Crystal Endeavor (Expedition)


Arguably the most significant factor in choosing a luxury cruise is your destination options. With Crystal, you can choose from one of the most expansive itinerary lists of any luxury cruise line.


River LocationsEuropean LocationsOther Locations
·         Danube River

·         Main River

·         Moselle River

·         Rhine River

·         Multi-River

·         Baltic & Russia

·         Central Europe

·         Northern Europe

·         Western Europe

·         Africa

·         Alaska

·         Antarctica

·         Arctic

·         Asia

·         Australia & New Zealand

·         Caribbean

·         Hawaii & South Pacific

·         Indian Ocean

·         Mexican Riviera

·         Middle East

·         New England & Canada

·         Northeast Passage

·         Panama Canal

·         South America

·         Trans-Ocean

·         U.S. Atlantic Coast

·         U.S. Pacific Coast



One of the perks that set luxury cruises apart is their high-end features. Crystal ensures 100% guest satisfaction with these unique features guaranteed to fulfill any passenger’s onboard expectations.

  • Umi Uma, chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s only sea-going restaurant
  • Crystal Life Spa
  • Connoisseur Club for cigars and cognac
  • The Hollywood Theatre for newly released films
  • Golf-driving ranges
  • Shopping arcade
  • Onboard yoga
  • Casino

Average Stateroom Cost

Crystal provides exceptional staterooms and suites that are elegantly designed and decorated for ultimate guest comfort and satisfaction. Here are examples of average boarding costs for a five day trip along with contact information for booking ease.


Average Stateroom CostPenthouse suite with verandah: $13,898

Penthouse with verandah: $10,598

Deluxe stateroom with verandah: $6,998

Deluxe stateroom with large picture window: $5,898

Contact information1-866-866-8025

Best 5- Day Cruise: Enchanting Adriatic- Venice to Catania

Board the Crystal Symphony as you explore the culturally and historically enriching towns and cities spanning from Venice to Catania. Witness famed locations such as Sicily’s Mt. Edna, Diocletian’s Palace, and a whopping 21 UNESCO-listed sites as well.  Fare prices range from $5,000 for a deluxe stateroom to $27,000 for a penthouse with a verandah.

Port Destinations

In addition to sea days, there are six major port destinations on route for this cruise trip. Be sure to book onshore excursions to further enrich your experience.

  1. Venice, Italy
  2. Split, Croatia
  3. Kotor, Montenegro
  4. Corfu, Greece
  5. Valetta, Malta
  6. Catania, Sicily, Italy
Excursions on Offer

Whether you’re a highly active explorer or you prefer a more relaxing, low-key option, Crystal offers a wide range of excursions to please any passenger’s trip specifications.

NameDescriptionDurationPriceActivity level
Private car & English-speaking guideCrystal Cruises offers private vehicle services for guests that prefer a private and independent experience on location.


4 hours (half-day)


8 hours  (full day)

$519 (half day)



(full day)

Cliff Climbing AdventureFor the avid outdoorsman, get a view unlike any other as you climb the rocky walls of Croatian mountains.4.5 hours$279Extreme
River Rafting AdventureWhether you are a beginner or experienced rafter, test Croatia’s waters with your rafting skills.7.75 hours$239Strenuous
Countryside Horseback RideThere’s no better way to travel and witness the wilderness than on horseback. Beginners are welcome.3 hours$269Moderate
Scenes from Braavos & MeereenWalkthrough the historic streets of Split and witness where renowned films and shows were created, such as Game of Thrones.2 hours$89Moderate


A significant competitor for luxury cruise lines everywhere, Azamara prides itself on authentic service and immersive experiences. Some of the most unique destinations on offer, such as Mozambique, Myanmar, Curacao, and many more.

This company strives to incorporate your cultural itinerary into your onboard experience. Classes and meals centered around your destinations are on offer, as well as a wide range of excursions to ensure you have the most unique experience possible.

Azamara also offers free transportation from your ship to the closest port towns to ensure you take the opportunity to explore independently if you desire. Additionally, all Azamara’s ships are decorated according to modern elegance, and their features and amenities are simply unmatched

Ships and Cruise Types

Azamara’s fleet consists of three highly-rated ships that are guaranteed to meet any passenger’s expectations. These ships are designed to exude an air of elegance while also maintaining a homey atmosphere for all passengers.

  • Azamara Pursuit (Ocean)
  • Azamara Journey (Ocean)
  • Azamara Quest (Ocean)


The list of Azamara destinations is borderline limitless, reaching nearly every corner of the world. You’ll be hooked on traversing the world with Azamara after just one boarding.

  • Asia
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Mediterranean
  • Northern & Western Europe
  • Panama Canal, Central & North America
  • South America
  • Transoceanic
  • Maiden Ports


While you’re looking forward to your onshore excursions, be sure to take full advantage of Azamara’s exceptional features, from gourmet cuisine to classes with expert instructors to sports with family members. If you’re at a loss for what to do, be sure to ask your concierge or any onboard service members for their advice. They’ll never steer you wrong.

  • Aqualina, authentic Italian cuisine
  • Cabaret Lounge
  • White Night party and buffet
  • Casino
  • Onboard shopping
  • Enrichment program and classes

Average Stateroom Cost

For those of you ready to book your first trip with Azamara, here are the average rates for staterooms during a 5-day cruise. For any questions or concerns, use the contact of the official website listed below.

Average Stateroom Cost

(Starting rate for one guest)

Suite: $4,522

Ocean View: $2,959

Veranda: $2,584

Interior: $2,584

Contact information1-888-532-5828

Best 5-Day Cruise: 5-Night Grand Prix Weekend Voyage

Explore the highlights of the Mediterranean’s most iconic ports. Bask in the beauty of Toulon’s wilderness where the scent of lavender envelopes you, then work on your tan or explore the wildlife found on St. Tropez’s beaches and shores.


Later, enjoy the nightlife as you walk amongst the architectural splendor of Nice, and lastly, shop in luxurious boutiques of Barcelona and discover its impeccable art and history.

Port Destinations

Don’t miss your chance to explore these four incredible port destinations. Feel free to take the trip into your own hands and visit your most desired attractions alone or purchase an onshore excursion through Azamara in a package deal or for a separate cost.

  1. Province (Toulon), France
  2. Tropez, France
  3. Nice, France
  4. Barcelona, Spain
Excursions on Offer

For those of you that prefer the ease of boarding your ship and having everything taken care of for you, consider purchasing some of these excursions offered by Azamara to enrich your traveling experience with very limited planning effort on your part.

They will ensure you explore these regions to the fullest and cover any transportation or tour fees in their listed price.

NameDescriptionDurationPriceActivity level
Panoramic RivieraExplore the French Riviera with ease from the medieval town of Eze to the Promenade de Anglais3.75 hours$59Moderate
Wine Tasting at Cave BianchiStroll through one of the most exquisite settings while you taste superb wine and smell the local flora5 hours$129Moderate
Hilltop Villages & Wine TastingTraverse the charming villages of St. Tropez and their neighboring hills as you taste the finest French wines.5 hours$129Strenuous
St. Tropez Walk & TasteFollow your guide as they take you through the streets of St. Tropez, saturated in rich history and architectural beauty.2.5 hours$99Moderate




The Cunard experience is unlike anything offered by other luxury cruise lines. Here, you can slip into a state of complete ease as you are treated to afternoon tea, you can revel in professional entertainment akin to Broadway performances, and you can dance the night away in the Queens Room at a sublime Gala Ball.

Since its establishment in 1840, Cunard has had 180 years to perfect its guest-oriented service and impeccable amenities. All of this, paired with exceptional itineraries and excursions, renders Cunard one of the most successful and highly rated luxury cruise lines in the world.

Ships and Cruise Types

Cunard’s expanding fleet with enveloping you in the finest services and elegant atmosphere money can buy. Each ship has its own unique design, and some even have distinctive features limited to that ship alone, so be sure to research what each has to offer before choosing your voyage.

  • Queen Mary 2 (Ocean)
  • Queen Victoria (Ocean)
  • Queen Elizabeth (Ocean)
  • *Fourth unnamed ship currently in progress


The potential trip itineraries and destinations are endless with Cunard. This luxury cruise line is unique in that you are free to visit various destinations in as short as two days or travel the world over one to two months.

  • Africa and the Indian Ocean
  • Alaska
  • Asia
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Canary Islands
  • Caribbean
  • Mediterranean
  • Northern Europe
  • Panama Canal and Central America
  • South America
  • South Pacific
  • Transatlantic
  • USA and Canada
  • Western Europe
  • World Voyage


A Cunard experience isn’t complete without witnessing their unmatched features. Start your day exploring the upper deck and bask in the ocean view, then play some deck games with your loved ones before you head off to satiate yourself in one of Cunard’s many gourmet restaurants. Finally, end your evening at one of the ship’s outstanding evening shows, or explore any of the options listed below.

  • Britannia Restaurant
  • Princess Grill
  • Commodore Club
  • Sporting activities
  • Guest choir
  • Onboard classes (dance, art)

Average Stateroom Cost

Arguably one of the most affordable luxury cruise lines, Cunard provides extraordinary accommodations at a fraction of its competitors’ costs. Here is an example of the average boarding costs for a 5-day trip with Cunard and their company information.


Average Stateroom Cost

(Starting rate for one guest)

Suite: $2,149

Club: $1,699

Balcony: $1,249

Ocean View: $1,079

Interior: $979

Contact information800-728-6273


Best 5-day Cruise: South Australia, 5 Nights

Don’t miss your chance to explore the southern region of Australia on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. Start in the coastal capital of Melbourne, a city rich in all forms of the arts where you can wander through Federation Square or visit the Royal Botanical Gardens.

You’ll then travel to Adelaide, where you can’t walk five steps without setting your eyes on a vast expanse of wineries. Be sure to pour yourself a glass while you walk through its charming towns or bask on its sandy beaches.

Finally, you’ll hop off at Kangaroo Island, one of the largest and most naturally beautiful regions in all of Australia.

Port Destinations

Don’t let the few port destinations fool you. There is plenty of enriching experiences to have in each location that the time you have onshore is not enough.

  1. Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  2. Adelaide, SA, Australia
  3. Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Excursions on Offer

Don’t just walk the gorgeous streets and beaches of these unique locations. Let Cunard take you on life-altering excursions to help you learn about the culture and history that surrounds you. These excursions range in price and activity level to adhere to the needs of any passenger’s ambitions.

NameDescriptionDurationPriceActivity level
Leisurely MelbourneDrive past some of the highlights of Melbourne from the bayside beaches of St Kilda and Elwood to Albert Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens. A photoshoot will be available at the Shrine of Remembrance.3 hoursNASoft
Melbourne HighlightsReceive a guided tour starting at Cook’s Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens. Then, travel to some of the top attractions of Melbourne until you reach Eureka Skydeck 88, a 92-story tower with magnificent 360-degree views.4 hours$85Moderate
Leisurely AdelaideExplore the “City of Churches” as you drive through the streets of Adelaide and witness its unique charm. Highlights of this tour include the Botanical Gardens, the Holy Trinity Church, the grand Old Parliament Buildings, and expansive coastal beaches.3 hours$69Soft
Wine Centre Experience & Adelaide HillsYou can’t travel to Adelaide without experiencing its distinct local wine. On this tour, you will visit the National Wine Centre, where you will learn about the history and production of the best wines on offer, and then you are invited to sample those of your choosing.4 hoursNAModerate
Seal Bay DiscoverySome might not be aware that the Australian sea lion is an endangered species. On this tour, learn about the threats to this magnificent species and the basics of their lifestyle while you watch them play and hunt in their natural habitat.3 hoursNASoft


Final Thoughts

Luxury cruises are an exceptional travel form where you are pampered and prioritized on a beautifully decorated ship with high-class features.

When you aren’t relaxing in your suite, enjoying the culinary cuisine on offer, or participating in the endless entertainment options, you are on land in some of the most unique and profound locations in the world.

Not only can luxury cruises be cost-effective as a result of their highly inclusive rates, but they can also be impeccably immersive, on and off the ship.

Luxury cruises are more accessible than some might think, so don’t be hasty and rule them out for your next vacation. A brief but fulfilling 5-day trip on a luxury cruise might just be the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones.

Considering the number of discounts and package deals they offer, in addition to what is already including in your booking, it is absolutely worth investigating if you can have this life-altering experience for yourself.