Cruisers need to keep up with the latest information surrounding their trips. Whether it be data on onshore activities, onboard events, or the current location of your vessel, your cruise ship tracker should be full of relevant pricing and scheduling to keep you up-to-date. However, not all cruise ship trackers are made equal; some are much more reliable than others.

The best cruise ship tracker available is the Cruise Shipmate app, created by It not only allows cruisers to track their vessel across the seas, but provides in-depth information on excursions, keeps users engaged with the Ship Chat and Deck Cams, and so much more.

This multifaceted app is perhaps the best tool for accessing concise, organized, recent information on all things cruise-related. To learn more about this incredible app and how easy it is to use, see the overview below.

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Cruise Shipmate is the Ultimate Cruise Ship Tracker

Available in the Apple and Google Play stores, Cruise Shipmate, created by, has been rated the “Best Cruise App.” The app holds this title even after more than 2 million downloads and tens of thousands of customer reviews. Cruiseline’s shipmate app is reported to be the only cruise tracker app that allows users to monitor information about their vessel and trip “before, during, and after their cruise!”

With this app, you can manage and save all information surrounding your cruise, allowing you to prepare for a future booking and base upcoming trips on past excursions. Not only can you save and review your cruise history, but you can share it as well – a handy function in case a friend or family member wants to go on a trip you’ve experienced in the past!

This app also provides users with detailed information about the vessel. You can familiarize yourself with your vessel to ensure your enjoyment when boarding day arrives by using Cruise Shipmate’s deck maps and insider photos from past and present cruisers.

Users are encouraged to “visit [their] ports” beforehand to learn the area’s layout and create the perfect itinerary that maximizes their time onshore. By learning the layout of your vessel and getting an early look at what events and activities are available to you once you step off the boat, you can guarantee that your cruise will become one of your most beloved memories. (Source: Apple App Store)

What Can You Do with Cruise Shipmate?

With Cruise Shipmate, you will be able to plan, save, and distribute numerous facets of your cruising experience. For upcoming cruises, Shipmate enables you to:

  • Engage with your future shipmates by joining community roll calls for your upcoming cruise
  • Book multiple portions of your cruising experience, from the cruise itself to your onshore excursions
    • You can even review the shops and restaurants available for your onshore activities, including details about specific commodity pricing (e.g., see costs of specific jewelry or apparel, etc.)
    • Learn more about potential excursions through the reviews and tips left by past cruisers and other travelers (this includes excursions that are not offered by the cruise line itself)
  • Keep up with price points and search for current discounts and deals
    • You can also enable “price alerts” to ensure you’re working with the most updated information
  • Ramp up your excitement for your future trip with a cruise countdown
  • Get familiar with your vessel before ever stepping onboard using their provided deck plans and cruiser-submitted photos
  • Stay engaged with the happenings on your ship by checking the Deck Cams
  • See where your cruise ship is located in the world in real-time by using the Cruise Ship Tracker function
  • Leave a review for your cruise experience to enhance yours and others’ experience in the future

You can take advantage of all these features no matter which cruise line you’re sailing with! Unlike other apps with limited compatibility, you can rely on Cruise Shipmate to provide you with the most detailed information available for any vessel, hosted by any cruise line you will be boarding.

If you ever have a question about your vessel, the cruise line, onshore excursions, or anything in-between, post a question to the Ship Chat and await an answer from the millions of fellow cruisers. Plus, if a problem ever arises with another cruiser, the app allows you to block them to ensure you maintain as much positivity and fun as possible during your outing. (Source:

One of the best things about Cruise Shipmate is that you can still use most of these functions offline. This is a lifesaver for those traveling to different countries where they may not be able to use roaming data onshore. Instead of having to take screenshots of critical cruise information or having to pay for expensive onboard internet packages, you can keep up with the latest cruise information without the worry of Wi-Fi connectivity. (Source: Cruising Journal)

How to Use the Cruise Shipmate App

Using the Cruise Shipmate app is incredibly easy, and will provide even the newest or most inexperienced cruisers with the perfect tools to get their trips booked in little to no time at all!

For example, booking a port excursion is as easy as following these simple steps (Source: CruiseTipsTV):

  1. Open the Cruise Shipmate App.
  2. Select “Explore.”
  3. Select “Excursions.”
  4. Look up the area that you’re planning on traveling to.
    1. First, you will need to choose the travel region.
    2. Second, you must select the specific port you in the travel region you intend to visit.
  5. Once you have chosen your port, you can scroll through a list of available excursions, all of which have their prices and descriptions listed. You also have the option of sharing the excursion before booking, perfect for those coordinating with other group members.
  6. When you’re ready, select “Book Now.”
  7. Enter all required information:
    1. Date and time you wish to book your cruise
    2. Number of people in your party
    3. Full name
    4. Email address
    5. Country of residence
    6. Phone number
    7. Name of your ship
    8. Payment information
  8. You’ll then be taken to a “Booking Confirmation” screen, where you can review all your information before completing your booking.

It’s as simple as that! You’ll get an immediate confirmation of your booking, follow-up communication from the tour guides themselves, and a detailed overview of what is and is not included in your excursion. This way, you will have all the information you need to prepare for your onboard and onshore experiences!

Why You Should Use Cruise Shipmate

Cruise Shipmate provides you with the ultimate collection of digital tools for creating the best possible cruise experience with little to no effort on your part. You will get the latest information on all things related to your cruise – from the ship itself to real-time onboard activity to onshore excursion pricing. (Plus, when booking activities through the Shipmate app, you will save a substantial amount of money, since you won’t have to book through the cruise line itself!)

Past cruisers have expressed their immense appreciation for the app’s unique function that allows users to save past trip information, extending as far back as several years. No matter what cruise line you’re on or where you’re going in the world, you can be sure that the Cruise Shipmate has you covered and will give you everything you need to create the perfect cruise experience.

In Conclusion

The Cruise Shipmate app is the best cruise ship tracker available for download. With Cruise Shipmate, you can not only plan future cruises, but you can also save and review past trips and stay up-to-date with onshore excursions. No app compares to the multifaceted functionality of’s Cruise Shipmate!