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If you’re looking for an amazing destination for your next adventure, Ontario has it all. From great food to breathtaking sights to outdoor adventures, this province has something for everyone. While it’s hard to narrow down all the great activities and sights throughout Ontario, there are a few that stand above the rest. Use this travel guide to make sure you get the most out of your next journey to this incredible place.


Ontario has an abundance of delicious food, something to suit each person’s taste. Head to Toronto for a real Italian experience in either the neighborhood of Little Italy or Corso Italia, where you can enjoy some of the best pasta outside of Italy itself. Another popular foodie spot, Lanark County is a necessary stop along your journey if you’re looking for some of the best maple syrup in the country. They even host a festival each year to celebrate this iconic topping, which takes place in Perth.


The most-visited sight in Ontario is undoubtedly Niagara Falls, with millions of people coming here from all over the world each year to experience this natural wonder up close. Pictures do not do the falls justice, and they are best viewed from down below on the Hornblower, the boat that takes you to the base of the falls to experience them from an unforgettable angle. While in the area, take a trip to Toronto, where you can see the CN Tower, the city’s most iconic structure. Here, you can dine atop the tower at the 360 Restaurant for a breathtaking view of the city. If you’re a real daredevil, you can even take a hands-free walk around the outside of the tower with their “EdgeWalk” experience.


If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, there are many great locations in Ontario where you can snorkel, canoe, and mountain bike. Check out  Fathom Five National Marine Park for one of the best freshwater dive locations on the continent. Here, you can get up close and personal with two 19th-century shipwrecks, or you can view them by glass-bottom boat if you’re not a great swimmer. Visit Blue Mountain for the opportunity to go zip-lining or mountain bike some of the best trails in trails in the country. Make the most out of your trip to Blue Mountain and grab an Ontario RV rental, so you can camp out here and save money on lodging during your trip.


There is so much history to experience in Ontario and so many pieces of its history that still stand today for you to check out. Visit the Brockville Railway Tunnel and take a journey through the oldest railroad tunnel in the country. Visit Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, where you can take a tour of the area and learn first-hand about the history and politics of Canada. Ontario is full of locations that have become national historic sights, and there is definitely something for every history buff that visits.