There’s a very good reason that many in the film industry consider Cannes the most prestigious films awards festival in the world. Instead of the mass-market fare that makes up the Oscars, the film selection at Cannes is carefully cultivated for screening, ensuring only the very best make it to this beautiful French town’s cinemas. The winning entries, often foreign language films unknown by mainstream audiences, are then selected by international juries made up of well-known auteurs, actors, and composers, and often go on to garner wider acclaim around the world. Conveniently, Cannes’ idyllic spot on the French Riviera also makes it an ideal spot for eager charterers to visit, allowing those with an interest in the arts to experience the glitz, glamour and culture of Cannes. 

Why chartering a yacht to Cannes is a great idea

Chartering a superyacht, unlike booking a hotel room or finding a last-minute Airbnb, offers holiday-makers unparalleled flexibility in their travel plans. Because most yachts are unique in some way, it’s important to keep in mind your options – such as whether you want to host parties or just take it easy by the waterfront – when browsing through suitable yachts on a charter service like Ahoy Club. This way you’ll ensure you’re well prepared – it’s no fun finding you have no room on your yacht when you were looking forward to throwing a party for fellow Cannes attendees! Location is also a crucial factor to consider, as only a limited number of berths are available during this in-demand time of year.  If you’re a film buff wanting to be up close and personal with the action, you may choose to enjoy a static yacht charter along the quay by the Palais des Festivals, but if you’re more interested in relaxing and soaking up the stunning French Riviera, you might instead dock in either Port Canto or the Old Port. This option also better suits people who want the calm freedom to cruise along the Riviera whenever they wish. 

What makes Cannes different

Fans of films with just a fleeting interest in the competition circuit may just assume that Cannes screens only arthouse-style and auteur-driven foreign cinema. Although there are absolutely films screened that qualify for either of these labels, Cannes also offers films that you might see at your local cinema on any given weekend. For example, 2015 saw Pixar’s Inside Out and Mad Max: Fury Road – a thoughtful children’s film and a high-octane action flick – premiere to critical acclaim. It’s also worth scoring seats to participate in the now-legendary booing. Although considered dreadfully rude at any other festival, booing films has become something Cannes has gained recognition for. Films don’t necessarily have to be terrible to be booed (although they certainly can be), but a particular film may very well have rubbed audiences the wrong way. It’s a fascinating experience, and makes for another very worthy reason to attend the festival. 

Makes Cannes the beginning of your journey

The conclusion of Cannes does not necessarily mean the end of your trip if you have the good fortune of chartering a yacht or superyacht. Being located on such a prized spot on the French Riviera means there are bountiful options that are just a stone’s throw away – Nice and Antibes are two great options, although if you’re interested in motorsports, the Monaco Formula One occurring at the same time as Cannes means you can stop by and watch the world-famous race for yourself!