With thousands of travelers wondering where to spend their next holiday come 2020, Rwanda is that one magical country any traveler on African safari should count a must-to visit. 

Despite its past history, Rwanda is currently ranked the 4th best safari destination in the world for 2020 visitors.  This landlocked country in Central Africa is commonly known as the land of a thousand hills. 

Unlike most African countries, Rwanda is one of the smallest territories, a country with amazing attractions; 5 volcanoes, 23 lakes and numerous rivers! The country lies 75 miles south of the Equator in the Tropic of Capricorn, 880 miles from the Indian Ocean and 1250 miles east of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Rwanda is most known for hosting the great mountain gorillas! With mountain gorillas amidst you, there are a million reasons why Rwandan safari should be on your bucket list.

Below are some of the reasons why a Rwandan safari should be on your bucket list

Mountain gorilla trekking 

Trekking mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is one of the reasons why most travelers consider Rwanda safaris their bucket list experiences. Unlike other primate adventures, mountain gorilla trekking is an exceptional experience and the only primate adventure that draws visitors close to a group of endangered mountain gorillas. It is such a magical encounter any traveler on Rwanda safari shouldn’t miss out in life.

 Treks to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda are best conducted only in Volcanoes National Park where a section of these world’s endangered apes thrive that today account for not more than 1004 individuals on planet earth. Mountain gorilla trekking isn’t just adventure to see mountain gorillas but for you to have an in-depth exploration about their unique behaviors-feeding habits, mating habits, how they make their nests and for you to take as many pictures as you can for lifetime memories.

To trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda, you need to purchase a gorilla permit. You can secure one at US$1500 per person and it is advisable to book your trip well in advance most especially if you are looking at traveling during the peak season. You can book a gorilla permit in Rwanda through our reliable tour operator likes Primate Safaris or directly at the reservation desk at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Kigali.

TIP: Any interested trekker is however advised to book a gorilla permit early to avoid disappointment on last minute given the high demand.

Golden monkey tracking 

In case you miss to strike your imaginations with mountain gorillas, don’t miss to catch a glimpse at the golden monkeys while on Rwanda safari. Golden monkeys are a few unique primate species, which you should consider a must to see while on Rwanda safari. 

Golden monkey tracking in Rwanda is best done in Volcanoes National Park, which is set in Northwestern side of the country. You can incorporate mountain gorilla adventures in Volcanoes National Park with golden monkey tracking tours. 

A permit to see the golden primates costs US$90 per person and treks are conducted every morning from the Kinigi Headquarters. 

Chimpanzee tracking

Rwanda is a known destination for chimpanzee safaris. The popular Nyungwe Forest lies in 5 districts of Rusizi, Nyamasheke, Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru and Karongi. Chimpanzee tracking is one reason why you should consider Rwanda safaris your bucket list. Chimpanzee treks in Rwanda are best done in Nyungwe Forest National Park where there are about 500 chimpanzees and 12 other primate species. 

The Gishwati Mukura National Park-a newly founded national park is another rewarding destination for chimpanzee watching in Rwanda. 

A bonus of your trip to Nyungwe is exploring the amazing town of Kibuye, the prettiest of the lakeside towns along the Lake Kivu shore. Enjoy a leisurely holiday at the favorite beach of Rwandans, offering watersports and visits to the several small islands where you can experience agri-tourism. 

Big five game

Rwanda is a complete home to big African game thus making it an exceptional safari destination. For unique wildlife safari experiences while on Rwanda safari, Akagera National Park is that one destination you shouldn’t miss to visit. Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s only savanna and big five game park. It situated in Eastern side of the country and sits in an area of about 1122 square kilometers. 

Akagera National Park is a home to African bush elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopard, giraffes, antelopes including roan antelopes, oribis, duikers, topis, bohor reedbucks, impalas, waterbucks and many more; 500 bird species including shoebill stork, papyrus gonoleks, grey crowned crane, African open bill stork, giant kingfishers as well as primate species like blue monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, bush babies. 

Learn about Rwanda’s unique history

A Rwanda safari is never complete without exploring its unique history especially the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The Rwandan genocide is one of most tragic events that occurred in Rwanda but shocked not only the African continent but also the whole world. This horror some event still rings in most of people’s minds and up to today visitors to Rwanda embrace dark tourism and pay tribute to the victims that perished in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

An in-depth exploration of Rwanda’s past is best done on a visit to anyone of the genocide sites. The Kigali genocide site is the most visited of all sites. It was inaugurated in 2004, ten years after the genocide and at the site, there are three permanent exhibitions. This is the best documentary of the history of the genocidal violence not only of Rwanda but also the world. The Murambi genocide site, Nyamata memorial site, and  Ntarama genocide site are also some of the scenes of the brutal massacres in Rwanda. They exist today with their contents that are a reminder of the violence that took place during the 1994 genocide.

Experience African culture 

Besides magical primate safari encounters with mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys exploring and experiencing Rwanda’s unique cultures is one thing you shouldn’t miss while on Rwanda safari. Rwanda features a rare culture rewarding you with authentic African experiences. You get a chance to learn in depth about Rwandese unique cultures, dances, music performances among others.