If we talk about the must-visit destinations of the world, then Dubai will indeed feature as one of the prominent names in the top of the list. Whether it is young or old, Dubai has something for everybody. If you are also planning to visit Dubai then your first step is to acquire an online Dubai visa. Thereafter, you must be aware of certain things that you must not miss when in Dubai. For your convenience, we have detailed some of the must-do things in Dubai in this post. Make sure you don’t miss even a single one of them.

Top Must-Do Activities in Dubai on Your First Visit


Capture the view of the city from the top – The Burj Khalifa

It is probably an unwritten law of exploring Dubai that visiting Burj Khalifa must be on the top of your priority list. One of the world’s tallest buildings, the structure provides you a mesmerizing view of the city from the top. However, please note that if you desire to have a glance of the splendid city from the top, you must book well in advance as tickets sell out pretty quickly.


Satisfy the shopaholic in you – The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall holds the title of being one of the largest shopping centers in the world. With more than 1300 stores at your service and a plenitude of entertainment services like an ice rink, a movie theater, an aquarium, and other attractions, rare are the chances that you won’t get spellbound. Even if you have no plans of shopping, visiting The Dubai Mall is a must.


Experience the Desert – The Desert Safari

It becomes pretty hard to imagine that a city like Dubai has a vast expanse of desert around it. To experience the beauty of the desert, you can take up a Desert Safari wherein an SUV takes you on a joy ride across the dunes. To further explore the desert, a Camel Ride is also a part of the Desert Safari Package.


Visit the Traditional Gold and Spice Souks

Dubai is probably the only place where you will find gold being sold in souks. Souks are the traditional bazaars of Dubai and visiting them is a must when you are in the city. However, do keep in mind that you can bargain even on gold in this place. Next, to the Gold Souks, you will have the Spice Souks that sell a range of spices including ginger, cinnamon, and chili.


Speed Boat Sightseeing Tour

On the speed boat sightseeing tour, you can have a good look at some of the famous landmarks of Dubai including Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and Dubai Marina. Don’t worry! You will get ample time to take some good shots of the locations to satisfy the shutterbug inside you.


Final Words

Please note that these are only some of the major activities that you must indulge in on your first visit to Dubai. Have a proper itinerary in place to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Happy traveling!