The Microsoft 70-761 exam is designed for the SQL database developers and administrators, and the system engineers with at least 2 years of working experience. Passing this Microsoft test proves that you have the skill set to query and manage data using Transact-SQL. When you pass this certification exam, it means that you have the knowledge of query writing.

The 70-761 exam is not an easy test to pass. It requires the candidates to prepare thoroughly in order to have a better chance of passing well. PrepAway provides the students with tips to prepare for this certification test in the simplest way.

Microsoft 70-761 Exam: Preparation Options

Microsoft 70-761 test demands thorough preparation. This article provides you with the most useful exam preparation tips meant to help you pass your test with ease at your first attempt. The following preparation tips are collected to assist you. Check them out!

Know the exam syllabus

You cannot plan if you don’t know what to cover. Everything you need to learn during your preparation period is contained in the exam syllabus. You should visit the official website. Read the syllabus thoroughly because it is basically the roadmap to your success. Be sure not to miss even a single topic.

Determine the required preparation resources

Preparing for the Microsoft 70-761 exam can be a futile exercise if you don’t know what you should study. Therefore, you should first of all put together all the preparation resources you will need. Besides Microsoft’s own study guide, you will also need books with positive reviews, PC with SQL and other relevant software installed, as well as other necessary study materials.

Schedule your study time

Whenever you are preparing for any Microsoft exam, you should plan when you will be conducting your studies from the beginning to the end. Create a practical study timetable before you even start. Having a schedule is basically the foundation of successful exam preparation.

Know the exam pattern

To avoid any possible surprises when you finally face the actual ExamSnap Microsoft 70-761 test, you need to know the exam pattern. Knowing it will also help you face the test with confidence. You should also learn about what kind of questions the candidates are asked. Furthermore, prepare each topic based on the percentage or weight of the marks.

Take a Microsoft course

Some people usually find it very easy and convenient to study just on their own whenever they are preparing for a Microsoft certification exam. On the other hand, some people prefer instructor-led training. If studying on your own is not your thing, then instructor-led training is your best alternative. There are many qualified tutors at PrepAway who are ready and able to help you prepare for your 70-761 test. You will benefit from useful video tutorials.

Use valid exam dumps

You are probably a very busy person and you might not have the time to read various books and guides, watch videos, and take courses. Juggling family responsibilities and work-related duties might consume all your time and leave you with no hours to prepare for the exam. One of the most popular strategies that busy IT professionals use to study for the Microsoft 70-761 test is braindumps. This strategy works for most candidates if not all. With updated exam dumps from PrepAway, you can pass this certification test without having to study very hard.

Turn off your phone

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are the best time-wasters. This is also true when it comes to preparing for the Microsoft certification exams. The temptation to call, browse, check your phone messages, and even watch videos from time to time can be immense even when you are in the middle of a serious studying for an important test. Someone might also call or text you and you will definitely check the messages and receive calls. This is the kind of distraction you must try to avoid by all cost. The best way to avoid phone distraction is to switch it off whenever you are learning for the exam.

Join a forum

Contrary to what most individuals think, it is not entirely true that we can always do better and manage time properly when we study for an exam on our own. The truth is that when you collaborate with others, you can easily hit major milestones that you could not have achieved if you studied just on your own. When you are gearing up for the Microsoft 70-761 test, it is advisable that you find and join a forum where you can comfortably share experiences and questions related to the exam with a community of like-minded people. You will get the opportunity to share your own thoughts and also get great ideas from others.

Train with practice tests

The ability to pass the Microsoft 70-761 exam depends not only on whether you know the content but also whether you can understand the questions and provide the right answers in the most appropriate way within the allocated exam time. To learn and master the art of understanding the questions, framing the answers as required, and completing Microsoft 70-761 within the allocated time, you need to take as many practice tests as possible.

Consider taking a practical point of view

Of course, the Microsoft 70-761 exam has theoretical concepts. However, it also checks practical skills, and you might not be able to pass this test if you cannot handle practical questions. Thus, instead of cramming, read to understand the concepts when preparing for this certification test. That way, you will find it easier to cope with challenging tasks.


With the above PrepAway tips, you should find it easier to prepare for and pass your Microsoft 70-761 exam. Pass this test, attain the credential, and stand out from your peers.