Dogs become a part of the family, and you’d never leave family behind for a holiday (unless that includes your in-laws!). So find out how you can bring Fluffy on your next trip with these 5 steps to travelling with a dog. You’ll find it simple and easy, and everyone can have a great holiday without worrying about those at home. You’ll also save time and money on a pet sitter!


1. Choose the right transport for your trip

The first step to travelling with a dog, is choosing how to travel! Flights are certainly not ideal, given the stress it has on your pet and the cost. Trains can be difficult, so be sure to check regulations prior to booking, as some allow it and others require an additional ticket. Travelling by motorhome is often a preferred method of travel with dog owners as it gives you a lot more freedom. You can opt for only dog-friendly sites, and park in areas with great walking trails. You can also bring a variety of their belongings, which we highlight the importance of in part 3! It’s not too hard to find dog-friendly campervan hire with sharing platforms like Goboony.


2. Choosing the right destination

Ok, you’ve got your wheels/ferry/train tickets, now where to go! When planning a dog-friendly holiday you’re usually better off going for more rural locations and having a true getaway in nature. Choose a location known for hiking for some great bonding walks with your pet. The Lake District is an obvious choice in the UK, along with Norfolk and the Yorkshire Dales! Going abroad? You can check out these ideal European cities for dogs and dog-friendly European destinations.


3. Packing

Planning ahead is vital when travelling with a dog, and that doesn’t just mean campsites and cafes, but also luggage! Dogs get homesick just like their humans, so it is important to bring plenty of their items from home. Don’t wash their blanket/pillow right before, so that it smells familiar and comforting to them. Also bring plenty of their toys and their usual feed if possible. You want this to be a smooth transition so that they can focus on the fun too.


4. Safety

Holidays are about having a good time, but to do so it’s important to have safety measures established. Our biggest piece of advice: have their collar tag updated with phone numbers and if possible, where you’re staying! If they get lost, they may not be able to find their way back to you so this could be essential. Next, pack a k9 first aid kit. You can either buy these ready-made, or create your own with items like antiseptic solution, bandages, a tick removal device and flea treatment.

If you’ll be driving in a motorhome with a dog, be sure to have a correctly sized crate for them. It is incredibly dangerous for them to be walking around during driving. If you’re travelling in a car with your dog, don’t let them hang out the window. I know it’s a fun classic, but it leads to many accidents and risks for your dog.


5. Keeping it fun!

Now that we’ve got the necessary information out of the way, the fun! Enjoy this, travelling with your dog can be an amazing experience so cherish it. It will encourage you to stay active on your holiday and help you to truly explore your destination. Bring a camera, as we all know nothing is cuter than your pet, especially out and about!

Follow these 5 steps and you and your pet will have a great holiday! If you need more tips for where to stay, you can check out information on dog-friendly accommodation. So check out some more destination blogs and travel hacks, and get excited for a paw-some holiday.