Tuscany Vineyards

Are you planning to have a vacation? The weekend might be fast approaching, so start preparing your things and travel journal because Europe will get everything you need. Tuscany and London are some of the most magnificent places in Europe. Both are undeniably perfect for short vacations. They are also best for budget-friendly travels for people who would like to have a relaxing short vacation. They are the paradise where you can spend your holidays, summer breaks, and weekend break. Let’s look at some places from Tuscany and London to visit.



Tuscany can be explored with various transportation. It can be explored through the train, car, and bicycle. Indeed, Tuscany offers more choices and more fun things to do. Take note that there are interesting places to see, from famous buildings (creative museums and old churches) to natural, breathtaking views.


1. Florence

Known for Tuscany’s cradle of Renaissance, Florence is filled with brilliant museums, immense palaces, and historical churches and houses. Some important sites that can be found in Florence are the following:

    The Cathedral
    The Uffizi
    The Baptistery
    The Accademia
    The Bargello
    Arno River
    The Pitti Place
    The Oltrano
    The library of San Lorenzo
    The churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce

These places are deemed to have great and astounding architectural designs. Monuments and arts are also presented to the public. Do not forget to bring your heart as you go to the next destination in Tuscany because Florence is not the only place that will surely capture your heart.


2. Siena

After reminiscing the Renaissance period, have a throwback to the Medieval period. Siena is a perfect place next to Florence. It is named as the loveliest city in Italy. With the rich history of the place, people are also known for preserving the culture and the stories of Siena. Tourists will never be disappointed because Siena is a must-see place in Tuscany.


3. Pisa

The eminent and famous leaning tower is located at the extraordinary place of Pisa. The leaning tower is obviously known for its unique architectural design and its history. On Pisa, save your energy because it is also a must-see place in Tuscany. Expect that every tourist admires and appreciates the places in Pisa because of its uniqueness. For a tip, research and learn about the best times to visit Tuscany to get the most of this Italian region.



According to statistics, London is among the most visited cities in Europe. With its marvelous sites and rich history, London offers various London tours for tourists and locals alike. Let’s list some of the best places to visit for your next weekend breaks.


1. Westminster

Westminster is widely known as the political center of London. Plus, it houses the world-renowned Big Ben, the famous bell hidden within London’s iconic clock tower. If you’re interested in the Parliament world of England, make sure to visit Parliament Square as well.


2. Camden

This place is a popular cultural neighborhood in the northern part of London. With its alternative culture, Camden is filled with punks, goths, rockabillies and tourists. You’ll surely enjoy touring around this place with the diverse crowds.


3. Chinatown

London’s Chinatown is filled with Chinese lanterns and attractive red arches. You’ll see lots of authentic Asian restaurants, supermarkets, and secret bars here as well, so if you’re craving for some kind of Asian food while traveling, there’s no other place you must go to.



Tuscany is a perfect place for the weekend break. It provides a lot of great travel opportunities – relaxation, stories, uniqueness, and interesting culture, so book a ticket to one of these marvelous places and enjoy your time.