Are you stuck between needing a job to pay for bills and food, and wanting to travel the world? You may want to consider pursuing a career that allows you to do both—at the same time!

Here is a list of jobs you may not have considered that will allow you to explore your country, or travel internationally, while you make a living.


1) Truck Driver

For those who don’t mind driving at length, becoming a truck driver might be a good fit. Most businesses require transportation of their goods, from smaller companies to larger brands like Walmart or Target. The job offers decent pay and you get to travel across the country and make pitstops along the way.


2) Flight Attendant

Another popular choice for avid world travelers who have experience in customer service is becoming a flight attendant. Flight attendants are required to stand for long periods of time, and make sure that people in flight are comfortable and have food and drink. Though you may start traveling in your own country initially, experienced flight attendants are able to travel internationally and see the world.


3) English Teacher

If you are a native English speaker, you can make money traveling to foreign countries and teaching English to the young population there. Companies that higher English teachers in other countries often require a teacher to have a Bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience, but many people are able to get a job as an English teacher right out of college. You can choose to teach across Europe, as well as in China, South Korea, or Japan. So, if you’ve wanted to live in a country far from home, this is a great option.


4) Au Pair

Au pairs are essentially nannies that live with a host family. They are given a room and taken care of in exchange for the care of children. This profession is very popular in countries like France and Spain, so if you have wanted to travel to European countries, this job is a great fit.

You may also earn an extra salary as an au pair on top of living with the host family, so you are able to save money for travel when you leave the job. Many au pairs also travel on vacation with the host family to other countries as well. The au pair profession is a fantastic option for those who don’t mind living with another family, and they enjoy working with children.


5) Writer

If you are a proficient writer, you could work as a freelance writer for certain travel magazines or websites that require you to write about exploring exotic locations. Not only will you be able to travel, but you’ll also be able to document all of it in a productive way. On top of this, companies that pay you to write for them will also pay for your transportation and hotel expenses wherever you are staying.

You may even be able to start your own travel blog and make your income by allowing advertisements on your website. Soon, you’ll be a self-employed brand ambassador that’s able to share your love for traveling with a fanbase of loyal readers.


Which Profession to Choose?

You don’t have to compromise having a fulfilling career and wanting to travel the globe. There are many jobs that offer the opportunity to travel while you get paid! All you have to do is decide the right career path that will give you as much travel time as you’re looking for – then pack your bags and be on your way!
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