Where are you thinking about for your next vacation? Whether you are going in the height of summer or looking for somewhere to catch some rays during winter, you cannot go wrong with Hawaii. This stunning island is ready to welcome you and make you feel right at home. Keep reading to find out why you should visit here next.


Different Islands, Different Living

Visiting Hawaii is completely different from visiting any of the other states in the USA. It is made up of eight islands and each one of them is incredibly different, so no matter what type of holiday you are looking for you will be able to find it here. Head to Oahu for the bustle of Honolulu and the chance to do everything from shopping trips to beach days. Hawaii Island is home to the most active volcano in the world and is growing every day. Kauai will treat you to unspoiled vegetation on all sides and Maui offers all the features of a beautiful tourist destination right beside gorgeous views. No matter where you go, you are sure to love it.


A Beautiful Culture

Hawaiian culture is well-known worldwide and the native Hawaiians are always happy to share it with visitors. Nearly all the city and beach names are in this amazing language and you can often hear people chatting in it while strolling around the towns. You can also learn the hula and head to luaus for some cultural fun and immersion from the people who know and love it best.


Plenty of Places to Stay

Whether you are searching for the perfect self-catering accommodation amongst Hawaii’s luxury retreats or you are trying to find a budget bolthole close to beach, Hawaii has it all. You will be able to find something for every budget here. There are beautiful places to stay everywhere and you just have to find the right one for you. Will you go with a retreat in the mountains of Maui or a stunning apartment in Honolulu? The choice is yours.


Amazing Beaches

Why go to Hawaii if you are not going to check out a beach or two? The islands are famous for their beaches and your time there is likely to be a memory which you treasure for a very long time. Head to Punalu’u beach for the most incredible black sand you will ever see, plus the chance to see the endangered Hawksbill turtle. You could also head to Papakōlea for green sand caused by olivine crystals; something which is truly unique. For some time on one of the iconic white beaches, Hāpuna Beach is great for families and snorkelling and is regularly voted as one of the best beaches in the entire world. Just be prepared for crowds!


The Food

After a busy day of exploring, you are going to need some brilliant food to fill you up. In addition to all the usual American foods, you should also make sure to dig into some of the traditional Hawaiian dishes. The one thing you should definitely try is poi; a pudding-like dish made from taro root.

You could also try laulau; a dish enjoyed throughout Polynesia. The traditional laulau is pork wrapped in taro leaves but you can also find fish and chicken varieties in Hawaii. It is smoky in flavour and utterly delicious. Finally, you should try to grab a poke bowl. Poke is bite-size cubes of raw fish (often tuna or other saltwater fishes) and dressed in a traditional marinade. To try the bowl variety, grab a load of poke on top of a hearty bowl of rice.


Start Planning Now

Hawaii offers some of the best sights and opportunities in the USA. Everyone should visit at least once, and you will soon learn why so many people choose to return again and again. Who wouldn’t want the chance to chill out among smiling locals with some of the best food and views in the world?

We love Hawaii and we think you should think about going there for your next big vacation. If the points above aren’t enough to sway you, just head over to Instagram to see for yourself what these islands have to offer you. Hawaii is waiting!