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Since traveling and living abroad as a couple since 2011, we’ve had a fair bit of practice at the art of the couple’s travel photo. Being able to look at photos together on some of our favorite adventures has been an amazing treat, though admittedly we don’t have as many couple photos as we would like.

That’s because taking photos as a pair can be tricky. It’s always easier to get the shot I want when I’m behind the camera, which means I’m usually absent in most of our photos and Casey is the one taking center stage. Which is why I’m not at all surprised that I am getting more and more calls to photograph couples and familys during their vacations here in Costa Rica.

So for those who want to get better photos of them and their special someone on their next vacation, here are a few tips to capturing those special moments together that you can print out or turn into an attractive picture collage so that you’ll remember those moments forever.


Tips For Couple Travel Photos



Lighting can make or break your couple’s travel photo. The best times for photography are generally the hours before and after sunset and sunrise. This is when sunlight is less harsh and makes for nice colorful images.

Notice how it’s always difficult to take a photo of yourself in front of the sunset? That’s because the bright background is contrasting with your dark, shadowed face. And your camera’s image sensor, though constantly improving, can’t quite measure up to the human eye. Try turning around and facing the sun or having the sun at a 45 to 90 degree angle on your face. This will not only light up your face but make your background more saturated and colorful.



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Don’t be afraid to get creative with your framing. We’ve all tried to take a picture in front of that famous landmark only to have our heads cover it up completely. Play with your camera angle by moving it up or down and from side to side and don’t forget to refresh yourself on the rule of thirds.



If there’s anything more awkward than getting your photo taken, its having it taken when you aren’t expecting it. If you’re the button pusher, let your partner know what’s coming by counting down. This will help make sure you both have your eyes open and smiles wide at the right time.


This Could Take A While, So Relax

With camera storage problems virtually a thing of the past, don’t be shy about taking your time and snapping a plethera of photos which you can go back and pick your favorites from later. There’s no worse feeling than just snapping one photo thinking you got it only for it to turn out less than satisfactory. Particularly with travel, you’re only here for a little while, so relax take in the moment and make sure you capture the perfect pic before moving on.



There are all sorts of travel tripods and flexible camera holders out there. I’m won’t tell you which one to get, but I will recommend that you get one. For when you feel like snapping a pick that isn’t just another selfie, being able to quickly throw your camera up on a tripod with a timer is a great way to get a new perspective.


Ask For Help (From The Right Person)

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If you’re visiting somewhere touristy there are bound to be other photogs in the mix. If you feel you’d like a little assistance and don’t have a tripod, make the classic move and ask for help for a photo. But be smart about who you ask. Someone who’s got a legitimate camera bag and telescoping lens is probably going to capture a better photo for you than someone with an old school black and white disposable Kodak.

Do you take couples photos when you travel? What tips would you recommend for taking photographs as a traveling couple?