Are you in San Francisco with kids and not quite aware of the city?

Thankfully, San Francisco is a very comfortable city to be in. From the efficient public transportation system to awesome weather and a range of San Francisco tours to explore, you would never have an issue moving around with your kid.



Let us have a look at how private cars, public transportation, and taxi cabs perform here.


Private cars

Here are some rules for traveling in private cars.

All children under the age of 2 years of age should be seated in a rear-facing seat in the car.

Child safety is mandatory for all kids who are under 8 years of age.
It is best to get a car seat on rent when you hire car rental services.


Taxi cabs

Taxi cabs in San Francisco also allow the use of a child car seat for traveling. However, these arrangements should be made in advance.

Also, it is a better idea to look for convertible car seats on rent along with these cabs. This way, you will be able to convert the kid’s seat into a stroller as and when required.


Buses and other public transportation

Traveling with kids on buses is not that difficult a task. It is best to keep your tickets ready at all times.



Weather is also a very important considering when visiting any city and when it comes to San Francisco, it is essential to prepare for it in advance. Most of the city days are warm with a lot of sunshine. Here are some facts to help you prepare.

The best months to visit this city is between September and October. During this time, the weather is warm, sunny and very comfortable. If you are traveling with kids, this would be the ideal time.

July and August prove to be a little difficult for travelers. This is the time when San Francisco is unusually cold and foggy. Even though these are the summer days, the weather proves to be a little uncomfortable. The chilly weather could be quite a pain for the children. When traveling with kids, it is best to pack a lot of extra layers and winter wear for the best results.

Whenever you travel to San Francisco, it is advisable to carry an umbrella and appropriate rainwear for your children in your luggage because you could be expecting rain any time.


Activities in San Francisco

For kids, San Francisco could prove to be a great city to visit. There are a number of exciting and fun-filled activities that can be performed here.


Alcatraz Island

This is one of the best places to visit with kids, all thanks to the boat rides that your kids will simply fall in love with. You can book a tour well in advance to visit Alcatraz Island. It is best to book these tours in advance because there are chances that they might get sold out early. The Golden Gate Bridge is another exciting place from where you can view the city.



San Francisco boasts of a number of different family museums which you can visit with your children. This is a good idea since the kids can have their time exploring the museums, and trying out new areas. Along with that, they can also try out a lot of interesting science explorations. One of the best museums here is the Walt Disney Family Museum which is kids’ favorite place.



Do not forget to explore parks when in San Francisco. If you are looking to have a fun day out with your kids, you could spend the day at one of the many parks in the city. The Golden Gate Park, Presidio National Park are some of the common names in this regard.


Lombard Street

Another fun aspect of the city is Lombard Street. It is a steep lane with hairpin curves. Just simply taking a walk along this street could prove to be quite the adventure. This is one of the most popular streets in the city and is usually always a tourist attraction.


Trolley car

San Francisco is famous for its historic trolley cars. It is usually a nice idea to take this trolley car to go around the city, visit the tourist areas.
San Francisco is a rather comfortable city to be visiting. It has a lot of exciting tourist spots and activities for you to go around with your children. However, it is best to be careful with your children, always hold their hands and have a backup plan in case you get separated.