A vacation in Georgia is a complete package: full of magic, welcoming warm-hearted locals, and the stunning countryside. Georgia is truly a heaven of secluded landscapes. You will fall in love with this place while exploring it. Georgia is the gateway to Europe and as the people of Georgia calls it “the balcony of Europe”. It is a gem, which connects Asia and Europe and will be a place that you will never regret visiting. Here are some of the amazing places that you should definitely visit while vacationing in Georgia:


Narikala Fortress:

Narikala fortress is a substantive example of the rich Georgian history. It is one of those monuments that come into mind, whenever one thinks of coveted Georgian tourist attractions. The Persians built it in the old Tbilisi during the 4th century. This fortress gives an unprecedented view of the sparkling Mtkvari River and the old city of Tbilisi.


Gergeti Trinity Church:

Gergeti Trinity church commonly known as the Holy Trinity Church is a small church in the village of Gergeti, Georgia. It is located on the right bank of Chkheri River under Mount Kazbegi. It was built in the 14th century and has a mesmerizing view of the Caucasus Mountains in the background. It is a place that should be in your itinerary list.


Mount Kazbek:

It is indeed the most famous tourist attraction in Georgia. If you have a taste of mountaineering then this is the place for you. Trekking on this mountain will show you the glimpses of true Georgian scenery and breathe taking panoramic vistas.


Georgia’s Svaneti Region:

The Svaneti region is the home to the highest village in Europe. The village of Ushguli is present at an elevation of 6900 feet. Located in midst of snow-covered Caucasus Mountains, Ushguli a community of four villages is a UNESCO Heritage Site. These villages are picturesque with a backdrop of snowy mountains and flowery meadows and you will not help to fall in love with the views of this place.


The Resort City of Batumi:

Another place worth visiting in Georgia is the coastal city of Batumi. This city is the gateway to the Black Sea. And is jam-packed with good restaurants, sea-facing bars, shops, sparkling promenade, and the unique pebbled beach. It is a plethora of tourist attractions: the old town & Europe Square, Orta Jame Mosque, Batumi beach, & Boulevard etc.


Tbilisi the Capital:

The world known capital of Georgia Tbilisi is like a jewel in the crown of Georgia. This city is famous for its great cuisine, world famous wine and revitalizing thermal baths. It is one of the oldest known settlement dating back to 4000BCE. This pictorial city is worth capturing in your phones and cameras. And to keep your phones safe during traveling you should install some phone tracking app.


The Historical cave city of Vardzia:

Vardzia is a fascinating cave city in the mountains of Georgia. It is the remains of a 12th-century monastery concealed inside the Erusheli Mountain. You can reach there after a 30 minutes steep climb up the mountains.