We’ve prepared a great useful article for all those who plan to book a tour to the Caucasus for winter. Today you’ll learn about the must-try winter dishes of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.


Traditional winter dishes in Armenia

In Armenian winter cuisine mainly dominate meat high-calorie dishes. Most of them are usually cooked for the New Year table. Below you can learn the most popular among them:



The traditional khash season opens in September and lasts until April. The preparation of khash is indeed a ritual that lasts a whole day. So, what is khash? It is a thick broth prepared of beef legs. The meat is thoroughly cleaned and washed beforehand, then boiled during the whole night. The water of the broth is changed several times to get rid of the characteristic smell. By morning, Khash is ready.

According to the tradition, khash is served early in the morning because the dish is rather difficult to digest so it is not advised to eat the dish in the evening. Khash is served with dried bread lavash, garlic and radish.



Besides, high-calory meat dishes there are very tasty options for vegetarians and people who prefer light vegetable dishes. For example, ghapama which is not only colorful, but also an exclusively tasty dish, prepared in late autumn and winter.

Ghapama is a roasted pumpkin with rice and dried fruit. The bigger the pumpkin is the better will be the dish. The pumpkin is cleaned of flesh and seasoned with rice, dried apricots, nuts, raisins, honey and butter. Then it is baked in an oven. Ghapama is a wonderful decoration of any holiday table.


Pasuts tolma

The other great lean dish is pasuts dolma which is a must for New Year table. Pasuts tolma is made from cabbage leaves and beans and is served as a cold snack. It can be stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.

There are many other no less delicious Armenian national dishes, you may try all them with a gourmet tour in Armenia.


Traditional winter dishes in Georgia

Georgian cuisine is very spicy. All traditional dishes can be considered “winter”, because they are very rich and may perfectly warm on a cold day. And yet, we have chosen the top 5 best traditional winter dishes from Georgian cuisine.



The most delicious, the most popular and the spiciest dish is kharcho. It can be considered “the visiting card” of Georgia. The soup is famous for its excellent warming qualities in cold weather.

Traditional kharcho soup is made from beef, with tklapi (dried plums) or tkhemali, greens, walnuts and. A portion of the soup can be enough to saturate for dinner.



Georgian satsivi is a traditional dish on the New Year’s table. For the perfect satsivi fatty chicken is used. In ancient times, chickens were fed with corn and the meat got a light yellowish tin. The highlight of satsivi is the walnut sauce with spices and greens. Today in each region, people have their own recipe for satsivi with a secret ingredient.



Khashlama is a popular dish of Armenians and Georgians. The recipe is almost the same, the result is simply excellent. Khashlama is a slow-cooked beef with bay leaves. Armenian khashlama is made of vegetables, while Georgians cook meat without vegetables and serve as a main dish. When serving, khashlama is decorated with onion rings, greens and adzhika.


Traditional winter dishes in Azerbaijan

And the last tasty list is devoted to Azerbaijan winter dishes:



At first glance, the dushbara resembles dumplings. It is made of lamb meat. Then broth is prepared from the bones of lamb. Next, small dumplings are made either by dumpling maker or by hand. Dumplings are boiled separately and served along with broth and greens.



Erishte or Arishta is homemade noodle soup. In Azerbaijani recipe, small green beans mash are added to the soup. Traditionally, noodles were handmade; the dough was cut into thin strips and dried. Today it can be a pack of ready noodles. Erishte is cooked without meat, so this is a great dish from national cuisine for vegetarians.



Pilaf in Azerbaijani cuisine has a special place. Each province has a recipe for pilaf, and there are more than thirty options for its preparation in Azerbaijan.

One of the most delicious and popular pilaf is the balgab with veal, dogwood and pumpkin. Azeris love to mix tastes and balgabag is a bright dish that is definitely worth trying.