Student touring has a different dynamic compared to the overall travel sector. Students find excitement at the opportunity to sightseeing during their spring break or any other period they might get time off college or university. That is why today there is an increased volume of students who prefer areas, where health scares and civil uproar might be a concern for most people.

The introduction and advancement of various digital trend gadgets in the travel industry has made backpacking an interesting concept, especially for youngsters, as the drive to enjoy unchartered destinations is a great motivator for them. The resilience and curiosity of young tourists are outstanding.

Students are also interested in affordability and authentic culinary tourism. Plans on where to travel in 2019 are underway. We have identified significant travel trends that have made student travel a resilient force in the touring sector. Here are some of the impacting trends:


1. Age of Smartphone

The tourism industry has gone through major changes. Gone are the days when tourists would have to wait until they finish their trip to share photos with their loved ones. The age of smartphones has made it possible to share your experiences instantly. Students have access to their mobile phones most, if not all the time. This makes it easy for students to share photos of the entire trip without missing a moment. Generating engaging posts for your social media has never been easier.


2. Internet of Things

There is an upsurge in the number of hotels, airline companies and travel agents that use technology to improve your travel experience. Internet of Things (IoT) helps you track your luggage and access flight details in real time. Hotels have taken measures to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable with access to personal settings. Keyless entry, TV control, temperature and lighting adjustments are a few of the features available. Your environment adjusts based on your heart rate and body temperature. It is easy to have control of your day and maintain your comfort regardless of the destination.


3. Technology & Personalization

Technology has a great impact on the youth. It influences your travel decisions, from your choice of destination to the culinary dish you enjoy. Students rarely use tour agents when they plan their journey. Access to the internet has made it possible to plan your entire trip at a go, while technology and personalization can let you get all the pertinent information about the destination. With your phone, you can download online maps, read on the culture of the locals, check landmarks and access translation guides.


4. Artificial Intelligence

You can now have a better travelling experience thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI in Travel Industry is evident when you start your booking process, as you may receive hotel and site recommendations making the entire process easier. You can also get help writing essays as you set up your schedule. Based on your previous destinations and reviews, you will get a personalized itinerary of the entire trip. Hotels now use chatbots that make the booking process simple and effective. You can check the recommended flight rates and get the best without having to make numerous phone calls to different tour agents.


5. Virtual Reality

Players in the travel industry are taking great strides to wow students by using innovative technology. Virtual Reality in Tourism makes use of VR headsets to provide tourists with a fun journey into the virtual world. Tour agents and hotels are giving people the opportunity to experience digital travel of site attractions prior to making the booking. It helps them increase their sales and offers you the opportunity to have a breathtaking experience before you spend your money. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Students have revolutionized the need for great international travel plans. The travel trends 2018 keep getting better when it comes to offering student tourists better opportunities for having fun. Companies and brands that take time to study and appreciate the increase in student travel have the chance to benefit the most. Students have the power to choose destinations that give them breathtaking experiences at great rates.

The scale of business opportunities presented by student travel is massive. Technology has made it possible to interact with your environment and make it personal to your taste. You can easily interact with your surroundings. You can also now have an integrated travel experience regardless of your travel destination.


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