Oftentimes, we speak with our friends about going out but not all are in the mood for partying and drinking until the morning. Sometimes staying at home, enjoying a glass of wine and being surrounded by your closest friends is way better than pushing in the disco’s crowds. If your buddies turn out to be poker players, that’s even better.

Why going out when you can transfer the heat at your home? You can, from time to time, change the setting and plan a poker game at home.

It is actually pretty simple to organize the event. You will need certain things to make the setting more authentic, but you’ll definitely do well and you’ll prepare your friends and unforgettable night.


Purchase the Necessary Equipment

Each game comes with equipment requirements. For poker, you need a poker table, chips and a deck of cards. Although buying a real poker table seems a little too much, you can find the alternative. You can purchase an entire poker set that contains chips and cards, as well as a tablecloth that resembles the green part of the poker table. That is good enough. You just need to put it over the table and voila – you’ve made a poker table out of your dinner table.


Snacks, Drinks and… Maybe Cigars?

Snacks and drinks are essential, while cigars are a more luxurious option. If you have the means, buy them, why not? Your friends will be thrilled! But, let’s focus on the important part. Poker games tend to last a lot longer than any other casino game featured in this Cashmio casino review. So, bear in mind that even if your friends come with a full stomach, they will eventually be hungry. Make sure that you have food and drinks handy.


Invite Your Friends Properly

As a host, you have to invite your friends properly and communicate with them liberally. Tell them that it is a casual night, where instead of going out you’ll stay at home and play the game. The more people you invite the merrier. Poker is an activity that involves at least a group of 8 to be fun. If your circle of friends isn’t big enough, tell your friends they are free to invite their work colleagues or other friends.


Print Out the Hand Rankings… Just in Case

Now, you’ve all gathered up, enjoying your beer and snacks, you’ve started playing but there are some friends who are not quite sure about the hand rankings and make a mistake. In order to avoid this type of mistakes to happen, make sure you print out hand rankings and maybe sum up the game rules from the very beginning (hint – there are a plenty of gambling websites like AceGamblers you can visit before playing poker). You don’t want anyone to be embarrassed under your roof, right?


If All Goes Well, Make It a Regular Event

Check your friends’ expressions, their reactions to your event and if all goes well, make it a regular game night. Decide on the day of the week and make sure you do that consistently. Poker can connect people, you can meet new friends and even improve your play. If you can handle hosting them all by yourself, you can take turns.