For most people, leaving on a jet plane isn’t always about reading a love story or asking Alexa to play one of the world’s best ever country music love tune. Earth is a home to over 7 billion people, and millions share the same hobbies. Traveling the world is one such thing about which we are all passionate. But, here is the catch. Isn’t it true that visiting the same places every year can become boring, so, you would rather spend your days in a yoga class?

Well, it is true that those who want to learn how to stop stress can book a flight to one of the most captivating holiday destinations in California’s South Coast or anywhere else to which they have never been. It is not going to disappoint because wonderful memories are made in such places. Until next year, summer is gone, but, comes winter, autumn or spring, your morning homestead kindling firewood cracker wouldn’t be more useful when lighting fire in the wild to keep warm. They may not be everyone’s favorite seasons for landings in the world’s best tourist sites, but memories are memories even if you create them in the Amazon rainforest.


Many Travel Options

It does not matter how you want to travel. The most of your travel journal consists of the stories from any place and anytime. Whether on a train, an aircraft, hot air balloons, a bus in the streets of Hanoi or a cycling along the narrow streets of Old Town Mombasa, there is something about every destination you wouldn’t want to forget.

Sometimes, partaking in extreme sports, such as skydiving, wouldn’t just take away your breath, but is somehow, a means of seeing more than your eye-level can reach. Abyss adventure world is indeed, something you will want to experience.


Time to Take a Breathtaking Leap

Now, more than ever heads up meaning of wanderlust couldn’t have made more sense. A honeymoon is a lifetime event, but eating weird fruits on the way to a tall cliff along the shores of the Mediterranean captivates every iota of imagination. You might just want to document this, the taste, color, and appearance. However, it is always the beginning of letting yourself free as you enjoy a cool breeze on the shores of the world’s most trespassed waters.

Some travelers would prefer kayaking and nothing beats an experience in Venice’s water canals or of the cost of Durban in South Africa where dolphins will be more excited than you have ever seen before. Well, for those who think they have seen it all, and there is nothing more to quench their lust for a wander, the following are top fabulous places where unforgettable memories reign.


Nagano, Japana

After reading about Nagano on PapersOwl when buying research papers online, your interest in visiting Japan will manifest more than ever before. In 1998, Nagano featured prominently on world’s map, thanks to winter Olympics that gave it a limelight.

It is a city for those who love to ski and skate-board on icy slopes of Nagano’s mountains. Also, the city hosts marvelous monuments and the castle of Motsumoto from XVI century is worth exploring if you want to create more memories.


Cape Verde

Ever wished to spend a vacation in one of Africa’s best islands? If so, then Cape Verde is the place to visit every summer or autumn. There are many things to see here. Situated 570 Kilometers from the mainland city of Dakar, those who have stayed here say the atmosphere is heavenly. Enjoy a picturesque view of bays straddling coastlines as you bask in white sandy beaches.

From a distant, gorges and mountain peaks present a picture of a place where you will create wonderful memories. And if you are looking for exotic dining places, Caper Verde’s hotels and luxurious innings provide an ambiance you’ve needed to forget a busy city life. A trip along winding alleys with dragon trees swinging on the sides is truly something to behold.


Valletta, Malta’s cultural city

This year, Valletta got recognized as Europe’s top cultural city, and that alone makes it a must-visit for those planning a holiday trip in the coming weeks or months. Situated between Italy and Tunisia, Valletta enjoys the closeness to the Mediterranean Sea. It presents a place for cultural intercourse, and you will be surprised to know that crossing over to the city from Ancient Greece takes only twenty minutes.

From dishes, amazing architecture, St. John the Knight Cathedral and islands dotted with amazing resorts, there is everything that makes a visit to this part of the world worthwhile. Visit the steep and rocky shores in Gozo Island as you reminisce about the collapse of Blue eye, a rock arch that featured in the movie Game of Thrones.


Crete, Greece

Learning Greek mythology and exploring the country’s ancient architecture is possible when you make a trip to Crete, a city that became top tourist attraction site in 2017. From mountains and valleys that make up most part of the island, Minojka civilization treasures to museums like Heraklion, and a chance to collect ornaments, those visiting Crete should do so from April through to October for the best experience.


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is Portugal’s city famous for ancient architecture and buildings such as St. George’s Castle and Roy Augusta Triumphal Arch. The Atlantic coastline makes a visit here even more worthy for the just-married couple looking for a place to create unforgettable memories. That is not to mention Sintra Nature Park, which has been christened Lisbon’s most romantic scene.


Final Thoughts

A trip to any of the world’s top tourists’ destinations does not end with just one city. There are many more places to quench your thirst for a wander, and with a travel journal to preserve the memories, mark your calendar correctly.