If you have never flown on a private jet charter, such as the services offered by Chapman Freeborn Global Air Charter Specialists, you may dismiss this mode of travel as unnecessary or over-the-top. However, there are several situations applications where flying private is a smart and logical option.

Regardless of if you want to make the most of your time while you are traveling or if you have specific scheduling requirements, traveling by private jet offers many advantages.

Consider the questions here. If you answer “yes” to more than one, then traveling via a private charter jet is a great option for you.

1. Do You Travel on Short Notice Often?

While it is completely possible to find commercial flights at the last minute, you will often experience a number of issues. Some of the most common include:

– Inconvenient departure times
– Length layovers
– Multiple connections

With last minute charter flights; however, you get to fly when you want, where you want with just a few hours’ notice.


2. Do You Work in Locations that are Underserved by Commercial Airlines?

There are many locations that are not adequately serviced by some airlines – even regional operators. If you are forced to land far away from your preferred destination, then you may lose quite a bit of productivity and time having to rely on ground transportation.

In the past, quite a few business travelers have overcome this issue by using the services of a private jet charter that is able to land at executive airports or smaller regional airports that larger airlines don’t have access to. Not only will this help you get closer to your end destination, but it can also present more options regarding flight planning.


3. Do You Own Vacation Properties in Remote Locations?

Do you like to escape your day to day life in exotic and interesting locations? If so, you may own a beach villa on a remote, tropical island or a chalet in the mountains.

In both of these situations, all of the time you spend getting to your retreat is another minute you can’t spend enjoying it and relaxing. When you opt to fly by private jet to take you to the closest airport, you can begin relaxing sooner than you ever thought possible.


4. Do You Have Privacy or Security Concerns?

If you are a prominent public figure (or even not-so-prominent but concerned about privacy) then you will appreciate the anonymity that traveling by private jet provides. This is beneficial for a wide array of people including:

-Corporate elites
-Professional athletes

When you opt to take a private jet, you can avoid the masses at the airport by flying into and out of private terminals.

For additional reassurance, you can have a security guard at the gate where your private jet departs from or arrives to.

5. Do You Want to be Productive While in the Air?

Do you have a schedule that requires you to operate a top capacity during business hours – regardless of if you are on the ground or in the air? If so, you need to take a private charter jet.

You can easily work while on board and get plenty done in your private cabin. Also, the majority of modern private jets are equipped with various business technologies, such as audio-visual equipment, wireless internet, meeting spaces and satellite phones.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, then private charter jet travel is definitely something you will benefit from. Be sure to find the right service provider to have a positive experience.